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Thread: Query to Building Proposal Committee

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    Query to Building Proposal Committee

    Query to Building Proposal Committee

    SRA Developer - query towards Building proposal committee of Bombay Muncipal Corporation

    Thanks for welcoming me,
    I have a query regarding <ACRONYM title="Right to Information">RTI</ACRONYM> ...I am a secretary of a newly formed cooperative housing society built under a SRA Plan and we havent received all the relevent documents from our developer. All we have received is
    * Partial Occupation Certificate as the whole complex isnt built yet...part of it is constructed and the rest of the wings are yet to come

    * Society is formed and Registered
    But we havent really received any detailed plans yet for our building like
    * Plumbing plan
    * Electrical plan
    * Civil drawings
    * Sewage / drainage plans
    * Conveyance Deed ( builder plans to give a amlgamated conveyance deed once the entire project is complete)

    Also the builder has constructed another wing touching ours.....this wasnt in the plan he had presented. I have checked the SRA website and since the layout is availaible there, the next wing constructed doesnt seem to be touching ours in the SRA layout. Also there isnt enough parking space for vehicles even for half the residents here. Green space in the original plans arent seen.
    Further he has drilled a borehole for water along side & beneath our structure and we had asked him for a structural audit report for long term effect towards our building structure. but the builder hasnt responded.
    Most of the above mentioned issues have been discussed with the Developer but he is elusive and uninterested. He has good political connection so doesnt seem to be bothered.
    So we were thinking of approaching the Brihanmumbai Muncipal Corporation, building proposal committee to get all the info needed using the <ACRONYM title="Right to Information">RTI</ACRONYM> route.

    Seek your advice on this....How do i go about it? Are there any <ACRONYM title="Right to Information">RTI</ACRONYM> activist in Mumbai you could link me to. Bettar still if you could guide me as to where will i get the <ACRONYM title="Right to Information">RTI</ACRONYM> form and how do i go about framing the question for the same.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

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    Re: Query to Building Proposal Committee

    Hi vincent,there are a certain requirements /expectations when one joins RTIIndia community.suggest please go through Forum Rules and RTI Guide.
    To your specfic query,please go through RTI Guide and also go through downloads in our sister site
    There are a number of posts related to housing societies,under the similar Tag for your convenience.
    For PIO/AA etc,visit :Home | Mhada
    Thanks. For any other query,dont hesitate to post.

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    Re: Query to Building Proposal Committee

    Thanks for all your valuable inputs!!!



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