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Thread: Document Cant be Found as Misplaced

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    Document Cant be Found as Misplaced

    If a particular document cannot be found then how much time can the department take to find it and how can we further appeal to speed it up.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Document Cant be Found as Misplaced

    To speed up the process it's better to file another RTI Application on the Missing Records.

    ASk for following info.

    * A daily progress report on tracing the missing files.
    * Names and designation of officials engaged in searching the files
    * Copy of the official order for doing this
    * Name and designation of officials in whose custody the records were entrusted.
    * When these records were last accessed and name of the officers who accessed it.
    * Copy of Register showing relevant entries wrt to the missing records
    * Copy of FIR lodged

    These will hasten the process.


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    Re: Document Cant be Found as Misplaced

    Thanks a lot Sidharth . I will follow up on the advice and then continue on the thread.

    But are they obliged to finish the search within some stipulated time or once i give another RTI on the missing documents, then only they will give me further response.


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    Re: Document Cant be Found as Misplaced

    Mr Kapishchandra, please do prefer RTI application ,seeking specific information as recommended by Siddharth.

  5. Re: Document Cant be Found as Misplaced

    If the information is missing i.e. that is not available, the information cannot be provided to you.

    However if you ask specific questions as suggested earlier, you might get to know how that papers are missing.. and may be get the papers too.

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    Re: Document Cant be Found as Misplaced

    well i guess if i give the actual scenario , maybe I can get the exact solution.

    I need a copy of a land blueprint(naksha) , i want to start construction over an already existing complex having shops that is single story right now.

    Now the department had cleared the structure thats why it is in place.But now it says that I am trying to construct on open land.

    We did not make a copy of that cleared map.

    Now when we asked them to check for the map in the documents they say that it has been misplaced and they are lookin.

    Now our construction is stuck for 3-4 years because we cannot prove to them that they had cleared the structure and that we are building on the already existing structure and not on land.

    It seems an obvious thing but still we need to prove it and the map is the best way .

    So this is the actual scenario.

    Please provide some insight if possible.

    Thanks and Regards,


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