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Thread: Success at the cost of life

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    Re: Success at the cost of life

    If the govt, judiciary want to respect the Indian laws including the RTI Act05; the Bombay High court, & Supreme court of India, & the Chief minister of Maharashtra must immediately suo moto order the CBI inquiry in the RTI man murder.
    Actually this murder was not of a person ; but was murder of the Holy Indian Law.
    Prime Minister, Home Minister, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi , Minister of DoPT P.Chavan must not sit silent on such murder of Constitution of India.

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    Re: Success at the cost of life

    It is not the death of Satish Shetty but of the Democracy, a threat given to all the RTI users and activist.
    Power of Pen V/s Power of Money

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Success at the cost of life

    As reported by Tarun Nangia in on 15 January 2010:
    RTI activist murder: Firm official questioned

    RTI activist murder: Firm official questioned

    A day after Pune-based Right To Information (RTI) activist Satish Shetty was brutally murdered, the police have started questioning those linked to the cases exposed by Shetty. Superintendent of Police, Pune Rural, Pratap Dighavkar said five investigation teams have been set up.

    Deputy Superintendent Shrikrishna Kokate said companies that had been affected by Shetty’s RTI queries would be questioned. Shetty’s brother Sandeep had named companies in the list of suspects in his police complaint.

    “So far we have no clue about the assailants. But we have confirmed that after the murder, they escaped from the spot on a motorcycle. We are probing whether they were contract killers,” he said. Four persons have been detained for questioning.

    Police are also trying to determine if a criminal from Talegaon, who was booked under MCOCA and is now untraceable, was behind the murder.

    According to DIG (Registration) Chintamani Joshi, it was a complaint by Shetty that brought to light a fake land registration racket in Maval. “An investigation confirmed that government land had been sold without permission of competent authority. Investigation is on and several tax evasion cases have been detected,” he said.

    ‘Whenever denied information, he used RTI’

    PUNE: Satish Shetty started getting involved in public issues after a bitter experience with the police 20 years ago. “Our whole family was harassed, Satish and me and our father were beaten up by the police after a waiter working for an eatery that my father used to run died,” says Shetty’s younger brother Sandeep.

    That incident in 1990 shaped Shetty’s resolve, he says, and once the RTI Act came into being in October 2005, he made extensive use of it. “Whenever Satish was denied information, he used RTI as his weapon.”

    Shetty used it to uncover scams, mostly related to land, PDS and illegal structures, and also advised people how to use the RTI as a weapon to get justice. Many aggrieved people used to come to him for guidance, Sandeep says.

    “In 2006, using the RTI Act, he exposed Krushna Karke, former city president of the Talegaon Municipal Council (TMC), who had built his bungalow in 2003 on land which belonged to the Railways. This led to the illegal structure being demolished in 2007, and a hue and cry in political circles. He did not stop at that, during the same year taking on an influential builder,” says advocate Sushilkumar Pise, who was associated with Shetty for the last five years.

    Using RTI, he took on Pune zilla parishad member Nitin Sable, who is now facing a case over “illegal” acquisition of 11 acres of land, as well as exposed the “nexus” between Talegaon Municipal Council officials and a private businessman, Sandeep says. A marriage hall owner who was affected as a result had attacked Shetty, following which he had filed a complaint, says Arun Mane, a close friend.

    However, the biggest scam Shetty unveiled through RTI involved 3,000 acres of land in Maval taluka, which were allegedly allotted to big companies through “collusion” with officials in the local town planning department. “It highlighted use of forged documents to acquire land along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. A sub-registrar was suspended after the state government instituted an inquiry,” says Sandeep. It was tragic that the government could do nothing to save his brother’s life, Sandeep adds, as it was no secret that because of his crusades against the land mafia, he had become an eyesore for the high and mighty.
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  4. Re: Success at the cost of life

    There is need to be one Umberla organisation for all RTI Activist across the country. The time has come.
    This I was requested time and again to leading activists.

    However, I am hopeful that will evolve that very soon.

    I would appeal on the leading activist to take the matter to logical conclusion.


    HC seeks report on Shetty’s death

    (Our political Bureau & Agencies)

    ECONOMIC TIMES, 15.1.2010. (Page 2.)

    MUMBAI: Taking a suo motu note of the murder of social activist Satish Shetty and the apparent lawlessness in the state, the Bombay high court on

    Thursday directed the state DGP to file a report within a week on the investigations.

    A division bench of Justices F I Rebello and J H Bhatia also mentioned the recent attack at the residence of Naina Katpalia, a Mumbai-based activist and a member of NGO Cityspace, which filed a PIL in the high court. Mentioning reports about Mr Shetty, the court said: “This incident came immediately after attack on another activist (Kathpalia) who is a petitioner before this court.”

    “Such incidents are to dissuade public interest litigants from approaching courts. So this court cannot close its eyes to the incidents; and takes suo motu notice, especially that of murder of Mr Shetty.” The court also asked the DGP to file an affidavit about ‘threat perception’ to other activists in the state, within a week. The HC also directed the advocate-general to take instructions from the government in this regard. But on its part, the government preferred to keep mum on the issue. An otherwise camera-friendly home minister R R Patil has not issued any statement regarding the incident.

    However, a home ministry spokesperson admitted that significant rise in such incidents have impacted the state’s image. According to the Maharashtra home ministry sources, the Pune police have nabbed four persons in connection with Mr Shetty’s murder. Efforts are also on to find out why he was deprived of police protection even after receiving threats.

    Mr Shetty apparently had informed the local police station about the threat calls. The police even had decided to provide him round-the-clock protection. But the killers got him even before the security guards were deployed. “This also indicates that the perpetrators might have been aware of the police’s move,” a home ministry official said. “Investigations are also on to find the cause of delay,” he said.

    Submitted by - m k gupta
    Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 10:03:51 +0530
    Subject: MOST URGENT: Demand enquiry (Satish Shetty Murder) and Protection for RTI Activist from Govt.
    From: xxx@yyy.zzz

    To:The Person attn of :
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
    Home Minister P Chidambaram
    Home Secretary

    Ref: pune RTI killed death satish shetty - Google Search
    Subject : Brutal Murder of RTI Activist Satish Shetty.

    We condemn the brutal murder of Mr. Satish Shetty. The reports and records clearly indicate he was fighter for our nation in the plain dress against the deep routed corruption. Like many other leading RTI Activist he used RTI Application to unearth the corruption. This is not the first case, there were similar case reported from across the country and threat even loom around many RTI Activists.

    1. We demand immediately the Govt of India should constitute enquiry and bring the report to public within 7 days. We demand either a sitting judge or CBI enquiry.

    2. Any request from any of the RTI Applicants who face the life threat must be immediately provided protection by concerned state police. The Home Minister and Home Secretary must issue direction immediately to this effect.

    These RTI Activist are also the soldiers of this great nation and an asset to nation. They are serving the nation acting in a manner protecting the vital assets, economy, system and need protection.


    President- Dwarka Forum(Regd)
    453, Nav Sansad Vihar
    Plot No. 4, Sector 22, Dwarka
    New Delhi-110 077-003
    DWARKA FORUM (Regd) | Google Groups
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    Rejimon CK
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    Atul Patankar
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    Re: Success at the cost of life

    Many leading Marathi papers have written editorials condemning the killing of mr. Satish Shetty.

    Here are a few links:
    Maharashtra Times

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    Atul Patankar
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    Re: Success at the cost of life

    As reported by Nitin Brahme at on January 14, 2010

    The man who asked too much

    For the land mafia and other merchants of corruption, killing RTI activist Satish Shetty was the only way out. Over Rs 4,000 crore, at least, was riding on scams he dared to expose. His colleagues say builders may have engineered the hit

    <input id="article" name="article" value="The man who asked too much" type="hidden">

    <table width="100%" border="0"><tbody><tr><td><table style="border-bottom: 2px solid rgb(128, 0, 0); margin: 9px; width: 200px; height: 200px;" summary="" margin="9" width="226" align="left" border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td bgcolor="#e2e2e2"></td> </tr> <tr> <td bgcolor="#990000">
    Satish Shetty
    </td> </tr> <tr> <td bgcolor="#e2e2e2"></td> </tr> <tr> <td bgcolor="#e2e2e2"> T Christy

    Bangalore: Three years ago, T Christy (38) blew the lid off a power theft where his landlord was involved.

    Now, he has been running from pillar to post to see that disciplinary action is taken against two policemen who allegedly with his landlord tortured him.

    But now, the file pertaining to his case is ‘lost’.Christy’s former landlord was supplying water to nearly 30 tenants using power meant for agricultural purposes (for which tariff is low) and collecting money from them.

    He complained to the vigilance unit of BESCOM, which found Anthony guilty of misusing power supplied.

    A fine of Rs 12,000 was slapped on the landlord.

    Then a false extortion case was filed against him in 2008.

    A Sub-Inspector Shankarappa pressured him to keep quiet, saying he would get him Rs 50,000 from Anthony.

    He even threatened to kill him.

    Christy was beaten up released after four hours.

    Christy then approached the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), which found the two policemen guilty of acting at the behest of Anthony.

    The rights panel recommended exemplary action against the cops.

    </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Even as the police claim that murdered Right to Information (RTI) activist Satish Shetty made several enemies because of his activism, Shetty’s colleagues — Kishor Kavde and Arun Mane — are pointing fingers at the land scam involving Indian Road Builder (IRB) in Lonavla as the main reason behind his death.

    They also said that he was investigating four major scams at the time of his death. Such has been the intensity of the crime that even Chief Minister Ashok Chavan has been forced to admit that it is a “serious matter”.

    He said, “The police will inquire into everything in detail. But if required, the government will intervene to provide
    whatever help, as may be required, in the investigation.”

    Shetty was killed by unidentified persons while he was out for a morning walk on Wednesday. Though he was rushed to a hospital, he succumbed to his injuries.

    Shetty was district convenor of Bhrashtachar Dakshata Samiti. Kavde said, “We had already demanded details on the fake land registration at Lonavla. Following our demand, the IRB and Sable-Waghire’s land scams were exposed.”

    Mane said, “The entire Maval taluka is being exploited by land mafia. At least one farmer from the area used to approach Shetty every day for help in the matter.

    But other than this matter, we were also working on the fake ration card scam, illegal construction of Vaishali wedding hall and illegal construction by a corporator.”

    What could lead to Shetty’s murder?

    IRB’s land scam
    Shetty and his colleagues exposed the land scam near Lonavla. Some farmers gave information to Shetty about illegal land dealings in Taje and Pimpawadi villages.

    Shetty obtained information under RTI. It emerged that IRB had grabbed 2,800 acres of land in the villages, which belonged to the government, and is in the vicinity of the Expressway.

    A conservative estimate of the money riding on the project: 2,800 acre multiplied by Rs 1.4 crore (rough estimate of pricing) equals: 3,920 crore.

    IRB scam led to fake registration
    The circle officer of Lonavla, Ashwini Khirsagar, registered the fake documents of land purchase. She was exposed by Shetty following an RTI plea in September 2009, in which Shetty demanded inquiry into 3,000 registrations done by Khirsagar.

    Out of those, 1,000 registrations were found to be fake. She was also arrested in the case. She is currently out on bail and suspended from duty. Inquiry in this case is on.

    From fake registration emerged another land scam
    In this land scam, one more matter was exposed. Nitin Sable, director of Sable-Waghire Company and vice president of Pune District Education Board, had registered the 11-acre land of Adegaon.

    But it emerged that the land had already been sold to somebody else 10 years back.

    Ration card scam
    Shetty dug out information about ration cards in Talegaon and 200 fake cards were found in Babulal Nalband’s shop. His licence was cancelled and he was fined.

    But he managed to get the licence back. Then Shetty and his colleagues filed a PIL in Bombay High Court against the granting of the licence in August 2009.

    Illegal construction of Hotel Rohit
    The construction of Hotel Rohit, which is located at Talegaon Chakan Road, was proved to be illegal. The hotel is being run by Girish Kher, corporator of Talegaon council. Shetty had demanded cancellation of Kher’s corporatorship just last week.

    Wedding Hall Issue
    Shetty had applied for information related to the illegal construction of Vaishali Wedding Hall, beside Pune-Mumbai Highway.

    The hall is owned by Pilaji Sarode, father of Rajesh Sarode, who is member of the School Board of Talegaon Municipal Council. There has been no response in the case as yet.
    </td> </tr> </tbody></table>

    Source: The man who asked too much, News - Latest - Pune Mirror,Pune Mirror

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    Condolenscene for Mr Satish Shetty, RTI Activist

    Hi All,

    Please join me in offering deepest condolences to the family of martyr & RTI activist Mr. Satish Shetty, who was murdered in cold blood at Pune, 2 days ago.

    He was a eminent RTI activist and had exposed many corruption cases through info obtained from RTI. However, his sacrifice should not be invain and need more consolidated effort from all of us esp to increase awareness of RTI in public, to seek its effective implementation, and bring positive change in society at large. Thanks.

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    Re: Success at the cost of life

    we need to do something to show our anger against this, anything some sort of protest to show to the govt that this will not be tolerated. Lets organized some protest. ITs high time now !!!

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Success at the cost of life

    Quote Originally Posted by shail6675 View Post
    we need to do something to show our anger against this, anything some sort of protest to show to the govt that this will not be tolerated. Lets organized some protest. ITs high time now !!!
    This is only a discussion portal on the RTI Act 2005.

    We do not organise or initiate any campaigns or protests.

    Kindly read forum rules here:
    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Atul Patankar
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    Re: Success at the cost of life

    Here is link to another editorial, this one from express group marathi daily, loksatta.

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