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Thread: revision of pay scales

  1. revision of pay scales

    the salary revision for the teachers of private primary aided schools in mumbai have not taken place since year 1995. in fact they have been denied 2 revisions, ie 2000 and 2005. My question is "Should the teachers fight for the year 2000 revision or the 2005 revision. we are now in year2007.

    we want to ask a question under the rights to information act on this subject.

    gita subramanian

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  2. Hello Gita Subramanian,

    Generally a wage/salary revision is sought for by the employees to compensate the erosion in their real income due to the spiralling inflation. That being the main economic criteria, any demand for wage revision should be based on the current realities and not on what was prevailing seven years ago. Ofcourse, if things proceed in the right direction, the concept of seeking appropriate arrears for the intervening period can be worked out.

    Frankly, I have no idea about the salary determination/revision mechanism prevailing in your occupation. However since you have mentioned "aided schools", the state government has definitely got a role to play. If any association of teachers has already been pursuing this matter that should be speeded up.

    Without knowing the full details, it is not possible even to give any opinion whether RTI Act can come to your rescue.


  3. wage revision

    dear Ganpat,
    thanks for your reply. in fact the private primary aided schools come under the BMC.
    wage revision is usually done every 5 years. we have been denied the wage revision for 2000 as well as 2005. in fact the 2000k wage revision has taken place for the BMC teachers. we are working harder than them in overcrowded classrooms. most of the rules are same for the aided schools and BMC schools.
    ironically johnny joseph who is the BMC commissioner is under the state government and not the BMC.
    in fact we want to ask a question under the RTI. why has the 2000 revision given to the BMC teachers been denied to the teachers of Schools aided by the BMC.
    My question is
    1. To whom do we pose this question?
    2. Where do i get the RTI form? can it be downloaded on the net?
    ganpat, teachers get scared to ask this question because they fear victimization. can a relative, friend or parent of our student ask this question.
    pls reply if you can advice on this matter.
    gita subramanian

  4. Madam Gita,
    BMC is having a website with address Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Though a separate section appears to be dedicated for RTI, but I am unable to open it. One possible reason is the entire guideline may be in marathi/devanagari script which is not supported by my system. Therefore I have requested our RTI India administrators to help you further in the matter.

    If the teachers are afraid of reprisals/victimisation, the RTI questions can be raised through others.



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