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Thread: Why B.M.C. Not demolished unautorised structure

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    Why B.M.C. Not demolished unautorised structure

    If i sought information from B.M.C. e.g: Why B.M.C. Not demolished unautorised structure. in this information I.O. replied no question asked. weather b.M.C.denie.
    plz provide any refrence for this reply.

  2. Re: Why B.M.C. Not demolished unautorised structure

    Dear Dr Yunus,

    RTI Act is about obtaining information which is available on record. When you ask a question as to why BMC has not demolished unauthorised structure, you are asking for explanation or reasons and not any information that is available on record. It is quite natural that you will not get any proper answer to such a query.

    Alternatively, the application has to be properly re-worded. For example :

    1. Whether the BMC is having any rules in respect of unauthorised structures?
    2. If yes, please furnish me the details of all such rules related to unauthorised structures within the jurisdiction of BMC.
    3. Please inform me whether the BMC rules permit removal/demolition of unauthorised structures.
    4. Please inform me the number of such removals/demolitions that have been carried out during the period .............
    5. Please inform me the names and designations of officials who are required to ensure that unauthorised structures do not continue to remain in the .............(mention the name of the area you want to ask about).
    6. Please inform me the details of all such unauthorised structures that have been brought to the notice of these officials.
    7. Please furnish the details of action taken report on all such unauthorised structures.

    Questions of the above nature will elicit the required information. These are just indicative RTI questions and not exhaustive. Depending on the individual requirements, these sample questions need to be modified or added.
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  3. Re: Why B.M.C. Not demolished unautorised structure

    Otherwise complaint to BMC regarding unauthorised structure, wait for 15 days than ask under RTI act regarding status of your complaint.

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    Re: Why B.M.C. Not demolished unautorised structure

    After considerable time you ask BMC what actions have taken regarding your complaint. Send a notice to the Ward officer and copy to the Municipal commissioner


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