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Thread: How much time does CIC takes to respond an appeal ?

  1. How much time does CIC takes to respond an appeal ?

    I have filed an appeal in CIC in the month of Sep 2007 against Deputy Commisioner MCD at New Delhi for not providing me the information. I have been alloted a Registeration Number.

    But until now I have not received any communication from CIC.

    Can someone pls tell me how much time does CIC normally takes to respond to appeals ?

  2. Re: How much time does CIC takes to respond an appeal ?

    There is a large pendency of cases at CIC. Please see the thread in this regard.
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    Re: How much time does CIC takes to respond an appeal ?

    As per the current backlog and the rate of disposal - about 1 year.
    You can track the position on the CIC website , using your registration number.

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    Re: How much time does CIC takes to respond an appeal ?

    Dear all: Although one of the ICs mentioned in an interview that the pendency will come down, I worry that it is going to be the other way . My visit to the RTI Cell of Registrar of Cooperative Societies and to the Accounts Section of the Office of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) at the Police Bhawan in the walled city ( the PIO is in another building in South Delhi, miles away from Central Delhi ) yesterday , was a real eye opener.

    At the Registrar of Cooperative Societies , I noticed 5 applicants waiting to file the applications at 10.30 AM , and at the Accounts Section of Delhi Police , I was shown the Receipt Book by the Accounts Manager according to which 35 applications had been filed this month alone.

    I connect this issue with the promotion of tourism by the Ministry/Department of Tourism. Inviting foreigners, but not improving the infrastructure , not adding hotel beds capacity, not training the cabbies how to speak English and how to conduct themselves . Sane way CIC and NGOs urge citizens to exercise their rights under the RTI Act, on the other hand, PIOs are not alert and efficient and not sufficiently trained , resulting in RTI applications filed in Delhi landing up in CIC against Orders of FAAs and thus adding on to the backlog .

    One of these days, I inend to go and see the Chief Information Commissioner to put our concerns across to him, and check with him in what manner he is going to tackle this difficult situation.

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    Re: How much time does CIC takes to respond an appeal ?

    Dear Sir,
    There is no time limit specified for the CIC/SIC to dispose off the appeals
    filed by the appeallants. I thnik, in the act itself, this position should have been made
    clear taking the matter in its right perspective. It is very strange that for all other
    purposes for e.g PIO's reply, PIO to issue notice to 3rd party, 3rd party to make
    representation, for applicant to make first appeal, for first A.A to pass an order, have
    been amply made clear in the Act. However, when the higherups i.e Commission's
    arena, the part has been kept silent. On perusal of the whole Act one doubts,
    whether this has been inadvertently skipped or deliberately omitted to incorporate.

    It is relevant to mention here that incase the PIO/Respondent did not adhere to the
    time schedule stipulated in the ACT, the Commission may impose penalty. However,
    the appellants cannot seek information/schedule as to when their appeals will be
    deliberated ? It is their sweet will.



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