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Thread: Let Us Confront Them In Elections

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    Let Us Confront Them In Elections

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    <TABLE class=wide cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0><TBODY><TR><TD class="msg content user first">We have been struggling since last 31 months to make the 'Yes Ministers' to abide by at least the existing provisions of our RTI Act 2005 in futile.Apart from my direct petetions to most of our Masters I too have been a signatory to innumerable petitions to Her Excellencies The President of India, Vice-President, Governors, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Chief Minister Chairmen Parliamentary Committees sworn to up-lift the RTI Act etc., etc., I don't think we could move an inch ahead. On the contrary we have been mute witness to the CIC suo motu asuming the powers of the Central Government and making Rules, unlawfully exercising supramacy over the SICs to hold Trade Union Conference and is now on the verge of holding such a Trade Union Conference including those in South Asia etc. We have seen our Hon'ble CJI declarinfg that he being not a public servant RTI Act isnot applicable to hi8m and later admitting on the contrary. We are seeing innumerable unlawful orders outside their jurisdiction issued by the CIC and various SICs. We are seeing how some of the States like Karnataka and Punjab misusing the powers bestowed on them to frame Rules framing people-hotile Rules to ensure that the beneveloence of the RTI Act is not accessible to common men.

    I find it hard to believe that our elected representatives are not aware of the out cries of we, the humble RTI Activists. Since our representatives, I mean those to whom we had casted our adult franchise by mistake are found not capable of hearing us, let us involve a method by which they have no choice but to come to us and repeatedly ask us as to what is our grievences. They will care for us only once ie., during election. Therefore let us equip ourselves to confront them during the ensuing election. I am not giving any idea that we should stand for election. Following are some of the suggestted cource of actions. We can modify it suitably as sufficient time is available to us
    1. Decide ourselves (Netyzens) as to what do we expect from the government - like amend the RTI Act making the Information Commission also accountable like PIOs and AAs, making the Commission incumbant on impossing penalty in all cases where the PIO is proved guilty,Establish a Central Agency naming it as Indian Information Commission or something like it , making all SICs and CGIC accountable to him for everything, the present CIC may be named as Central Government Information Commission. The RTI Rules have to be issued by the new IIC and not by the respective State etc.etc.. We can request all RTI groups to present their draft proposal from which we can formulate our minimum requirement

    2. Present this for comments from Netyzens and from others if possible and make a final list.

    3. Project this requirement of ours to President or Secretary of all Political Parties both recognised and non-recognised. Seek thier opinion or their plan of action to resolve the above problem

    4. Give vide publicity of this requirement including giving it as an advertisement in all the media at our expense (By ciollection)as none of the media is likely to come to our rescue

    5. Sent this to all Chief Ministers and sitting MPs seeking them to proclaim their stand on this issue

    6. If the ruling parties of any of the States or the Central Government promisses 'Heaven' in case they come back to power, please don't fall for it. Ask them as to what stop them from doing it now

    7. Activists should prepare leaflets demanding answer from each and every candidate when they beg for votes.RTI Activists should be able to share petty sumes to meet the advertisement expenditure and cost of leaflets for local use.

    The above is only a starter. Unless we start working on the above lines we will be wasting our time and efforts in the name of RTI Act only to see that the RTI Act is burried when certain political Party gain enough strength to control thje Government.


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