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    Question Tdr & Fsi


    I need help for one Case: One plot (A) taken over by BMC under Road Widening and providing the TDR & FSI to a builder for an adjoining plot (B).

    I have two whom to address my query i.e. Building Proposal Department or BMC or to particular BMC ward.

    and second query is detailed information related to above case. The information I am trying to seek is 10 years old. I am mentioning below the type of information I am trying to seek.

    The queries are ....

    1) How much TDR and FSI was given for development of the building plot B.
    2) Can I get information on each structure basis in other words I have a shop on the above plot (A) and it got demolished and the builder gave TDR & FSI for new alternate accomdation on Plot (B) ... how much has he submitted to BMC for this particular shop?
    3) It seems an Award was passed on Plot (A) for road widening, what are the procedures followed by BMC before demolishing structure under Road Widening.
    4) What documents are submitted by the builder especially..
    Development Plan,
    FSI & TDR given for each premises.


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    As regards your first issue, even if you do not know the correct public authority on this matter within BMC, you can simply address the application to the PIO, c/o the Head of the Department. Even if that official is not the PIO dealing with this matter, within five days he has to forward your application to the correct PIO.

    On how to write an RTI application, you can get useful tips from the following link:

    RTI application is basically concerned with obtaining information which is available on record. The questions have to be suitably framed or re-worded bearing this in mind. The following are just examples.

    Please furnish me the details of FSI & TDR was given for plot no..............

    Please furnish me the detailed procedure and rules in force prescribed by BMC before demolishing a structure under road widening.

    Please furnish me the details of all the documents submitted by the builder M/s ABC
    Please furnish me certified copies of the Development plan, Maps/diagrams in respect of..............
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