hello to every one
i m Akram, i m doing Bsc in comp sc frm jain college, i want to convey a msg to every1 that i have a dream to see india as a developed country, and for that every individual has to contribute, i dont want to ask people to do any big great things i just want every1 to be just responsible towards their duties.......
like their's a saying in hindi " boond boond se dariya banta hai " in the same way i just want people to do simple things like

dont throw garbage or any chocolate or biscuits wrapper here and there keep it in your pocket and throw in the dustbin,

always take the ticket from the conductor i have seen many people for 1 or 2 rupee they dont ask ticket, in this way conductors makes money and loss to BMTC and when they dont get enough profit they increase the charge.

Dont give bribe, i hate this part, i have seen many police taking money from the petty shoppers, its shame for 5 or 10 rupess they do that...

and now a day Bandh's in Bangalore i think bangalore will soon get the one more name in his kitty as Bandh city, its very sad to see bandh evry time and during bandh loss to properties thats also another thing.
i dont think we get any thing by taking part in these bandh's . i was shock to read in newspaper that bangalore incured 500 crore loss, if that money we would have given to the affected farmers that would have beeen better instead of doing all these craps and making a bad impression of bangalore.