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Thread: Clearence for Provident Fund Pension Scheme-reg

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    Clearence for Provident Fund Pension Scheme-reg

    Dear Sir/Madam Date : 23-05-2008

    My father Mr.V. Ganapathiraman worked in M/s A.L.N. Firm, Tenkasi from 1983 to 2007. as detail bellow,

    Name: Mr. V.Ganapathiraman
    Firm Name : M/s A.L.N.& Co., Srivilliputhur.
    Account No: TN/4314 35, Madurai.
    Year From 1983 to 1988

    Name: Mr. V.Ganapathiraman
    Firm Name: M/s A.L.N. Firm., Tenkasi.
    Account No: TN/4314 /A - 2, Tirunelveli.
    Year from 1988 to 1997

    Name: Mr. V.Ganapathiraman
    Firm Name : M/s A.L.N.Firm., Tenkasi.
    Account No: TN/4314/A-40, Tirunelveli.
    Year From 1998 to 2007

    He applied Employee provident fund & Employee pension Scheme on 14-09-2007. The Employee provident fund amount cleared (Cheque No 429803 Dt: 30/10/1997 Rs.15537.00 and Cheque No 502780 Dt: 21/08/2007 Rs.43803.00) from 1988 to 2007, but the Employee pension Scheme form 10-D, Application for Transfer of EPF Account Form-13 was return to Establishment Office on 20-09-2007. Why because pending for want of transfer of EPF accumulations and the previous service under EPF 71.

    The Establishment Ms/s A.L.N. Firm, Tenkasi paid EPF remittance from 1983 to 1988 in a single challan on 13-01-1988 Rs. 13080.00 for 11 members(TN/4314 34 to 45) Details as bellow,

    Chellan Date : 13-01-1988
    A/c No 21 ( Insurance Fund) - Rs. 49.50
    A/c No 1 (Employee Provident Fund) - Rs. 9338.00
    A/c No 2 (Employee Provident Fund) - Rs. 643.50
    A/c No 10 (Family Pension Fund) - Rs. 2950.00
    A/c No 22 (Insurance Fund) - Rs. 99.00
    Total Amount of Challan is Rs. 13080.00

    I am having the challan copies in Xerox and Form 6A and 12A also.

    M/s A.L.N Firm, Tenkasi, send the remittance challans, Form 6A &12A to The Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Madurai.

    After that no improvement was there. What is the Problem in my father account?. We are trying since 9 months. Please check whether my father is got Employee pension scheme or not. I want clear information about this issue.

    Thanking You,


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    Dear Viswanathan,

    Ours is a site not engaged in obtaining information on behalf of members. We only help the members on various RTI issues through the forum board.

    From your post it is not clear if the details of transfer of previous accumulations have been brought to the notice of the EPF Commissioner, Madurai, and any subsequent representation made on that basis.

    I would suggest your father to take up the matter with the PF office with all these details to know the status of his application under the pension scheme, if it is not already done.

    If such a representation has already been made, but no reply has been received, then your father can follow up the matter through an application under the RTI Act.

    If you need any help on framing the questions for an RTI application, please raise the issue at our sub section: "Ask for Framing an RTI question".
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    Re: Clearence for Provident Fund Pension Scheme-reg

    Mr Viswanathan ,you were specifically requested to delete personal details ,and post precisely your case and requirements ,but you "copy paste" your contact us email .
    Please go through the suggestions listed at post 2 above .
    Please also go through Forum Rules of this site .For answers to your query,in addition to post 2 above,go through :
    RTI India-Threads tagged with Provident Fund
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