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Thread: Querry on Provident Fund Transfer

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    Querry on Provident Fund Transfer


    I was working with a Public Sector company which was having its own Provident fund trust. I switched to a private limited company three years back. I filled up the form 13 and handed over to my current employer within 6 months of joining. My previous employer then released a cheque about a year back in favour of RPFC. After 6 months my previous company got in touch with me and told me that the cheque is 6 months old and has not been encashed. I tried following up with my current company HR. The response is always that it is a Govt matter we dont know (the PF office is denying having received the cheque). Now they are showing some letter addressed to my old company from the Reg PF Office asking about the status. But ultimately the amount is yet to be transferred. They are asking me to follow up with my previous company. But my old company has merged with another and it is very difficult for me to follow up as all people have been transferred and departments disbanded.

    Isnt my current company HR responsible in getting these sorted out?
    I also wanted to know who will pay the interest during this period.
    What is the course of action that I should take?

    Will be grateful if anyone can guide me on this.

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    Re: Querry on Provident Fund Transfer

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    Re: Querry on Provident Fund Transfer

    Thanks for your reply.

    I want clarification on whose responsibility it is to get my PF transferred, is it my old company HR (which has now merged with another company) or is it my current company HR.
    Because some one has to do the hard work in getting the PF transferred. To the best of my knowledge it was the current company HR which does all the necessary job once the employee submits form13.

    I will be grateful if someone could clarify this.
    My current company HR is washing their hands off.

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    Unfortunately we cannot further help you in this issue here. Kindly use our other site for it

    Closing it.


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