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Thread: Can RTI help me?

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    Can RTI help me?

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for welcoming me in your organisation.I am happy to be a member in this organisation.

    I need the information that in my following problem how can io get help using RTI.I travelled in Train No 2010 Shatabdi Express from Ahmedabad to Vapi with my family on 23/05/2008. after starting the train, we found that in our coach (C7) A.C. was not working at all. it was totally out of order. then some passenger asked T.T.E. he replied that repairing is being done and it will be ok but it was not repaired till my station came. in between we have argued and asked T.T.E for issuing the REFUND CERTIFICATE. but T.T.E replied us that if technical head issue me the certificate that there is fault in A.C. then only i can issue the refund certificate or you can complain it in my complain book. then we called technical head and told him to give the same. but he didn't. Then many passengers made complaints in his complaint book. but i don't think that any action will be taken. then we also came to known that the retirement of technical head of that the train/coach was supposed to retire in near future so they were trying to help him.Then after finishing my tour i returned back Ahmedabad on 25/5/2008 and yesterday mailed to asking for refund in this case RTI act can help me to get me refund?

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    This is basically a matter involving "deficiency in service" as defined in the consumer disputes. I suggest you to mail your complaint the the Chief PRO as well as the Chief Commercial Superintendent of the railway concerned, since I feel that the webmaster of CRIS is not the proper authority to act on such complaints. I have come across similar cases in Southern Railway, where the refund has been effected to the passengers.

    In the event of unsatisfactory reply from the PRO or the Chief Commercial Superintendent, you can take recourse to RTI. As many of you have lodged their complaints in the complaint book itself, it will be easy to pursue the matter.
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    Re: Can RTI help me?

    Thank U Sir...

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    I am of the opinion that in this case one should goto Consumer Court. That will be quicker and can award compensation.


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