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Thread: Road tax refund from RTO

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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    Above reply from, P Surender

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    One of the my friend was the user of vehicle of TATA motors. after some time he left to Panjb taking noc from pune rto as motor car sold to him,at Punjab they took one year tax & transfer the vehicale on him name & didnot change RC book & number of vhicle.After one year he came back to panvel by taking noc to panvel rto for change of address

    Now Panvel rto insisting to pay road tax or bring information from pune rto stating that tax refund is not taken agaist this vehicale.Pune rto is delaying to giving such infomation .

    HOW Panvel RTO insisting to bring such information since the original RC book of maharashtra is with him & as per refund rule,vehicale must rgistered in other state & would have taken new number.

    If we transfer the vehicale to other state then we have to apply refund of tax within 6 months if not your road tax will not get refunded & if you bring this vehicale again in Maharasahtra you will have to pay tax.It means Maharashtra RTO can recover tax two time on same vehicale


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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    Hey Gagan,

    Good to know you got the tax refund, could you please help me with the sample of the letter you wrote to Banglore RTA for RTI and to who it was addressed.


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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    Hi psurender/Gagan,

    I am in similar situation to some extent as yours and in dire need of your help.
    I brought my vehicle with NOC in hand from Bangalore to Hyderabad about 10 months ago and finished all formalities like paying road tax again and trying to re-register here in HYD. However, since last 5 months, there has not been a communication received from Bangalore RTO to Hyderabad RTO to issue clearance on the vehicle registration and hence my vehicle registration got stuck.
    I have not been able to travel to bangalore and check with them.
    Can any one of you please help me out? I would need agent name who can resolve my issue at the earliest. Otherwise, I would like to get contact details of someone in RTO office itself if possible.
    Once I get re-registered, I have another task of applying for tax refund.
    Mobile - (Posting of mob. no. is against RTI India - Forum Rules - hence deleted)

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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    Hi Mr Rajpal

    Normally, HYD RTO wait for an stipulated time for reply on the clearance.The rule may differe from state to state. As far as I remember I did not have to face this issue with Pune RTO.

    If you have access to the letter send by hyd RTO to bangalore RTO regarding clearance you can file and RTI with the information. You don't need to personally visit bangalore for this.

    The same non-communication delays process of refund. when you file for refund in bangalore they send a letter to new RTO where you registered the vehicle. and the RTO never bother to reply to it... this keep you refund application pending till you hit them with a RTI.


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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    Hi Pratap,

    I belong to Pune and planning to stay back in Hyderabad for 1 year.

    The option to pay for 12 months looks good to me. Can you please let me know some further information about it? I mean what will be the charges for 12 months and what if I would like to extend my stay for 1 more year?

    If you have any relevant document that can help me in this regard then please forward it to me. My name is Vishwas Deshmane and mail address is my posting of email id is not allowed

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vishwas Deshmane

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    Col K S Jos
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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    thx gagan.
    i am yet to get refund from RTO pune after transfer of my vehicle to Trivandrum in 2010 bought in 2009 tried for yearly payment which was that time not available in pune). when i call them the reply is that if it is within the time limit refund will be made. is there any time limit for claiming the refund. think should follow ur line and ask thru rti.

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    Hi Surender,

    I planning for relocation to Hyderabad from Bangalore and want to re-register my bike in Hyderabad. Can you kindly share the procedure for applying refund from Bangalore RTO after re-registering in Hyderabad. Can it be done by post ?. Your help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    A personal visit to RTA solves all problems.
    First get NOC from Bangalore, with Police NOC, incorporating in RC book and carry a copy with you.
    2.Show those documents, provide photo identity proof, address proof register it in Hyderabad.
    3.After getting Registration at Hyderabad, collect all copies of tax payments and new number and then apply to Bangalore office for refund. Ensure that Hyderabad office sends all details as expeditiously as possible and collect service proof from Hyderabad office .
    4.Wait for a month then file RTI Application seeking information for time frame fixed for such refunds under Citizen charter and reasons for inordinate delay.
    5.Wait for another 40 days then file first appeal to FAA, RTI, RTO office Bangalore and also issue notice bly Registered post seeking compensation for harassment due to negligence alleging deficiency of service.

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    Hi Prasad,

    Thank you for your generous response. It would be great if you can help me with below queries.

    After re registration in Hyderabad, do i need to personally go to Bangalore RTO and submit refund (form 16) application or can it be done by post. One more thing is, i have seen in many cases when asking about refund, old RTO usually gives an excuse like non communication from new RTO. so how can i make sure that Hyderabad RTO sends vehicle migration (CTRI) confirmation.

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