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Thread: Road tax refund from RTO

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    Thumbs up Road tax refund from RTO

    I moved my vhicle from Bangalore to Pune about 1.5 years back. As a procedure I was supposed to re-register my vehicle in Pune after paying life time road tax. I have already paid the tax in bangalore which i was eligible for refund. getting my vehicle re-registered was a frustuating process. finally when i got it registred in Pune after paying huge sum as tax. I applied for a refund from bangalore RTO. As I was aware it was difficult task to get the money refund from RTO. lot of the people on websites has written there plea dealing with refund. I decided that I am not going to give up till I succeed with this, no matter whatever it takes.

    After waiting 4 months for the refund, I filed RTI with transport department of karnataka for the status of my refund and reason for delay. To my surprise I got the reply within a month along with the refund orders.

    The reply was very sincere and they mentioned the delay was due to non-communication from Pune RTO about genuinity of the registraton. As the process of refund they verify the genuinity of new registration from the state. I was really shocked to see that pune rto did not reply to 2 reminders and letters from bangalore RTO.

    As part of reply I got the detail of communication between pune RTO and bangalore RTO I am planning to raise an RTI to pune RTO asking why they did not reply and how many such reply are pending. may be this will help people who are waiting for ever due to this reason.

    This was my first RTI application. I am sure without RTI and help from this forum this would have not been possible. Thanks to the founders and members of the forum for all the help, leads and support.

    This has given me a confidence and motivation to fight for common cause and I am planning to continue with my efforts.

    Thanks again

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    Dear Gagan

    Congratulations on your success.


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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    Dear Gagan,

    Congratulations on your success in getting Road tax refund. I transferred my vehicle from Pune (MH-14) on my transfer to Kannur, Kerala. I did not get refund of the road tax paid and I had to give up. After getting NOC from Pune and getting it registered it in Kannur took one year and five months, because MH-14 RTO did not give confirmation of NOC. RTI Act was not passed at that time.

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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    dear gagan,
    I'm also moving my vehicle from pune to trivandrum, kerala. Had registered my veh in jan 2009 in pune. Had requested for one year registration being central govt employee but the same was not available in pune. had paid full tax. Please advice me how to get the registration changed and how to get the refund from Pune. regards.. jos email XXXXX@YYYYY (email not permitted)
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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    Quote Originally Posted by gaganvyas View Post

    Hi Gagan,
    Thanks a lot for this informative post and thanks for the patietence and determination you have shown for getting something which is our right.
    I have exactly same situation like you. Two years back I moved from Bangalore to Pune and after lot of hastle finally I could get a MH-12 numberplate. Now I am going to submit refund form to Bangalore RTO. As I don't have any relatives or close friends in Bangalore, I searched the Bangalore website and got all the information. Now I am planning to submit the documents by registered post.
    One question which is unsolved as I could not get a appropriate answer from Bangalore RTO even after calling them. May be you know the right way. I am still not sure if I should attach my original road tax receipt or a photo copy will do ? I am just afraid to attach the original because if they misplace it and later demand for it then I am gone. But at the same time if that is really necessary then I will sure attach the original.

    If you know the answer then please let me know.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO


    You just need to attach a photocopy of the original tax reciept.

    For the detail of how to apply for tax refund please go through the thread : in the forum.

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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    Dear Gagan,
    I have a little different story, I brought car from MP on 27/5/2007 & applied for reregistration in Pune on 27/8/2007. Pune handed over smart card on 14/1/2008. after getting smart card I applied for refund to RTO Vidisha MP on 29/1/2008. RTO didnot reply till 4 months. I sent RTI letter & got reply on 13/6/2008 a vegue that because of time bar the refund can not be affected, without mentioning date & details. I took up case with TC Gwalior, but he also didnot reply. finally I filed case in consumer forum pune against RTO vidisha & TC Gwalior for defficiency in service. Case is going on, now hereing is on 20./11/20010. I will be gratefull if you can send me the Karnataka rules about 6 months time for application from new registration date as it is not seen in MP.? even a lettr of Karnatalk RTO will help, I made RTO pune also a party, pl. call me if you get some time.Thanks,
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    Re: Road tax refund from RTO

    I salute your patience and the commitment for dragging them to consumer forum. I never heard of any such time limit to apply for tax refund. And, there should not be any limit as its your money laying with government.

    I moved my vehicle in june 2007 and applied for tax refund in aug 2008. I never got this issue from bangalore RTO.

    Please take them to the law and teach them a lesson. If you get success, share your experience with the group.

    All the best.


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