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Thread: Now, become a certified RTI activist in five sessions

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    Re: Now, become a certified RTI activist in five sessions

    Talk to your domestic help, your auto driver, your dhobi, your barber, your vegetable vendor, your office boy, etc...and you will realise that there is so much more to be done, even amongst the educated.
    Yes you have a point there.

    But what you raised mainly concernes with awareness related issues.

    People are ignorant about it because they have not been told so by their respective Govts.

    Whole of Sec 26 of RTI act is there to take care of most of these issues. Basically it's the Govt's job to inform "We THE PEOPLE of INDIA" about the Act and it's usefullness and it's nitty-gritty .

    An extensive and concerted campaign in line of "Pulse Polio" is what required for this.

    If the Govt. is shirking away from it's responsibility the it's the duty of the informed citizenry to make the Govt. do it's duty first

    Seeking information from PA's should be a simple affair. It should not involve such extensive exposure to legal jargons.
    And no need to get Diplomas/PHDs to do that.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Now, become a certified RTI activist in five sessions

    As usual, you are on the dot Mr.Sidharth. What WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA need is 'AWARENESS' and not "TRAINING". No one can train 110 crores cityzen on RTI to make them avail the fruit of RTI. Rather the benefit of RTI should not be deprived to them just for want of training. To-day even a 5 year old rustic child is aware that 'Murder" is a crime. No one train him on that. But somehow or other he is made aware that murder is a crime. Similarly the government should make its cityzen aware that their "Masters" or "Yes Ministers" or "Mai Baaps" are answerable to the information he desire to ask the same way the MPs and MLAs are not denied any information in the Parliament and Legislature.

    Give the responsibility to all the Councillors , MLAs and MPs , the same way they were given special MLA/MP Funds.
    The government waste crores of rupees in advertise through tele-cast the question/answer sessions of the parliaments and Assemblies. What stop them from doing so at least odd hearings of CIC and SICs. In fact certain SICs like SIC, Kerala conduct their hearings "IN CAMERA". I don't think that the government and the PRESS is not aware of it. Has any of our National Media brought this out ?

    It appears that our government consider that enactment of RTI Act was an accidental mistake and wish to keep it concealed to the extend possible lest lesser number cityzen bother their "Yes Ministers"

    What efforts on governments part one see tht the cityzen are made aware of the RTI Act ? How many documentaries they display in Cenema theatre or advertisements in media about RTI ? I think even our forum has posting conveying that hardly any effort is made by the government despite Section 26 of the Act ?

    It is high time for us to ignore the window dressings and pressurise our elected representatives whenever we come across them.

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    Re: Now, become a certified RTI activist in five sessions

    Very true. Nobody 'higher up there' is interested in telling us what the truth is. Even when we go to a doctor, he/she is not interested in telling us frankly what the diagnosis is. They just want to dole out some medicines. Questions are unwelcome. Same with the officials at the govt. offices. When I went to submit an RTI application to the Regional Passport Office at Kolkata, the person at the Information Counter even threatened me, asking me what I knew about RTI, as if this was a big crime. This is why we need conscientisation, and education on how to use this big weapon. If some of us who take up this social responsibility of reaching this Act to the common people know well how to use it and what exactly can be done with it, then it will be a service to our neighbourhood. As Karira mentioned earlier, most people with whom I talked about RTI, all educated people, knew that there was an Act like that, but knew almost nothing about what it was and how it could be of use. I only wish I was a little more educated on this, and I am sure I will be able to help more.
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    Re: Now, become a certified RTI activist in five sessions

    There is no harm in conducting such a course. No single measure can educate the entire nation. At least some target group will be benefitted.

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    Re: Now, become a certified RTI activist in five sessions

    Sidharth is correct-that a regular visitor to this site become an expert. Personally, I am unable to bring my friends to this site, as my friends of my age group do not have the knowledge of Internet, though they are educated.
    Fight for the Right.

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    Re: Now, become a certified RTI activist in five sessions

    Prominent RTI Activist Sri Sailesh Gandhi has given clarifications on this issue in Hum Janenge discussion forum. His post is reproduced below.

    There is small error in the reporting. What was announced was that a certificate course was being started for getting knowledge on RTI. There is a foundation course and an advancded course. This is an attempt by me with the help of KC college to spread RTI. The reporter called this "Become a Certified RTI activist."



  7. Re: Now, become a certified RTI activist in five sessions

    A brilliant move...
    as oscar wild said..u cant stop an idea whose time has come
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    Re: Now, become a certified RTI activist in five sessions

    Mr Sailesh Gandhi's clarification just shows how our journalists distort info.

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