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Thread: Delayed passport & delayed police inquiry

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    Delayed passport & delayed police inquiry


    I tried searching the knowledge base but couldn't find exact info which i needed. also posted this question on bighelpers and was adviced to go through RTI route. as i have questions on two different passports, please suggest what i can do. As I am bed ridden now, is there anyway I can handle this by staying at home only:

    I had applied for my wife's and daughter's passport on 14 March'08.

    Police inquiry for my wife's passport came around 15 April'08 and even after more than 45 days her status page shows:

    "Police Report is clear. Application is under process."

    However, my daughter's police verification has not been done till date. and her status page shows :

    "Application is pending for want of Police Report."

    I wrote an email to passport office inquiring abt the same but there has been no response. Their phone nos. are constantly engage or no one pics them up if the ring...I tried searching the thread to find my answers but couldn't get specific help.

    I need your help on following questions:

    1. How to check when my wife's passport will be received?
    2. How to check of my daughter's police inquiry status? My daughter is 2 yrs old. Has this got to do anything with police inquiry?

    As I am not well and am on bed rest. Is there anyway i can inquire by email or on phone.

    Thanks in advance for your time in answering to my questions! God bless you.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Delayed passport & delayed police inquiry


    You will have to file two separate RTI Applications:

    1. One for your wife's passport:

    In this you have to basically ask as to why your Wives passport is not being issued
    even 45 days after the Police Verification report has been received/sent.

    2. Irrespective of whether your daughter is 2 years old or not, Police Verification is a must these days. I know of a case where a "new born", to be included in the mothers passport, had to also go through the verification process. Although this may sound strange, it is apt these days since there might a problem between the husband/wife with one or the other trying to take that child abroad without the others knowledge.

    In this case, the application has to be different and it is better to address the RTI Application to the Police (the same ones who came to verify about your wife). If you are not in a hurry and the Police Station is easily accessible, why doesn't someone from your family make a personal visit to find out whether they received the request for verification from RPO or not ? If they have, why haven't they done it ? That should solve the problem and expedite the process. If you need to push further, you can write a simple letter to the local ACP (in charge of that area) and request him to push/help. He will redirect the same to the local police who will act. Otherwise, use RTI.

    For details of How to draft a RTI application, how to submit, etc..., please visit the "Guide" segment, link available on the top right hand corner.

    Also, please go through the threads with the tag "Passport" and "???? Passport" or "Passport ???". There are several links at the bottom of this page or the bottom of the home page under " What Visitors are searching for in the Search Engines regarding Right to Information ". Some threads have nice and ready made RTI applications, which can be slightly modified to suit your requirements.

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    Re: Delayed passport & delayed police inquiry

    Thank you so much Karira for your taking your time and explaining everthing in details. I will try to send someone to the local police station to check for the inquiry. Thanks once again and god bless you!


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