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Thread: Atal got house number changed

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    Atal got house number changed

    As reported by Manoj Mitta of TNN in on 08 June 2008:
    Atal got house number changed-India-The Times of India

    Atal got house number changed

    NEW DELHI: It happened four years ago when 8 Krishna Menon Marg was getting readied as the residence of the outgoing prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

    In a letter to the urban development ministry
    , the PMO asked for the number of the building to be changed, that too "prior to its allotment" to Vajpayee. Admitting that it was "an unusual request", the PMO gave a cryptic reason for it "We have been advised that it would be more appropriate" that the bungalow be renumbered to 6-A.

    The unexplained advice on the inappropriateness of No. 8 was presumably related to the fact that the previous occupant of that bungalow, Murasoli Maran, had suffered a fatal illness cutting short his stint in the Vajpayee government.

    Superstition or not, the request made on May 19, 2004 prompted the urban development ministry to change the bungalow's number, literally overnight.

    The file-noting made by the ministry took due note of the PMO's request to do the renumbering prior to the allotment of the building. Accordingly, the new number was issued within 24 hours as over a dozen officials of the ministry signed the file on a priority basis.

    The documentation behind the number that was specially created for Vajpayee has come to light through RTI. But the RTI applicant, Subhash Chandra Aggarwal, got no response to his query whether factors like astrology, numerology and vaastu were the basis for the renumbering of Vajpayee's residence. All that the ministry said was that the renumbering had been done "as per communication received from the PMO".

    Asked whether the option of changing municipal numbers would be extended to commoners as well, the ministry claimed: "As and when such request is received, the matter will be examined on merits." It is another matter though that there was no pretence of any merits being involved in Vajpayee's case.

    The PMO too has been evasive under RTI on whether its records disclosed any grounds on which the renumbering request was made in the last days of the Vajpayee regime. It passed the buck to the urban development ministry, which was technically the authority that had complied with Vajpayee's request.

    Aggarwal also tried to find out if there were other instances when the numbers of government bungalows were changed. CPWD, which takes care of the Lutyens' bungalow zone, replied: "No other case of such nature is in the knowledge of this office."

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    Vajpayee's change of bungalow number to come before CIC

    Vajpayee's change of bungalow number to come before CIC
    as reported in Chennai Online: Friday, September 26, 2008

    New Delhi, Sep 26 Can a common citizen also change the property number of his residence according to his choice as was done in the case of former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee whose bungalow number was changed from 8-Krishna Menon Marg to 6-A? This is a query pending before the Central Information Commission which will take up the matter next week after.

    The issue was raised by an RTI applicant who approached it after he failed to get satisfactory answers from the PMO and the Urban Development Ministry.

    The RTI applicant Subhash Agrawal while asking for the rules related to such matters also asked whether the entire process, related to changing a bungalow's number, could be completed in one day.

    The spacious bungalow whose number was changed was the one selected to be Vajpayee's residence after his tenure as the Prime Minister. The documents produced by Prime Minister's Office show that the order for changing the number was given by Additional Secretary Ashok Saikia on May 19, 2005.

    The directorate of estate completed all the formalities within two days or receiving the application and forwarded it to CPWD for further action.

    The RTI query has also asked the CIC to give the number of queries related to change in the number of properties pending before it.

    The directorate of estate put the responsibility on the PMO saying that the re-numbering of the said bungalow was done as per a communication received from PMO.

    Although the officials provided file notings and other details related to Vajpayee's case, they could not explain if the decision was influenced by numerology, astrology or vastu. (Agencies)

    Vajpayee's change of bungalow number to come before CIC


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