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Thread: IT Refund through RTI ?

  1. Re: IT Refund through RTI ?

    I have experienced that when you ask questions as posted on my blog "any thing pending with govt" after submitting non-rti application, things start moving as all the errant employees get frightened that departmental enquiry may be initiated. In direct RTI appln U can get the PIO punished, but in the procedure suggested by me, all the errant staff who should have handled your non-rti appln can be put to their own rules by giving RTI punch. It will make them realise that ordinary non-rti applns from citizens need to be attended properly and in time. This will have good impact for future applications also. It is jor ka zatka, dhire se lage!!!

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    Re: IT Refund through RTI ?

    Guys, I have just received the refund order at last after pursuing through RTI with the first appeal. (Power of RTI really rocks !!)

    While i am extremely glad to have received the refund order just by sending the RTI letters to these lazy folks, i m now concerned of the puzzling interest that came along with the refund order which is mere Rs.1590 for the Amount Rs.11390 for the last 3.5yrs. I spoke to the ITO who justifies that the interest is calculated @ 8% but they have given it for 1-1.5yrs only "for some reasons" which i dont really understand.

    My stand is that IT dept had in position of my money for several years where as if they just take the last refiled date into account it comes to 3.5yrs and they should have ideally paid the Interest to that period till date or atleast till March 2008. Even if 8% is considered, it should have been 8x3=24% which comes around 3k so i am paid 50% of that only.

    Does anyone know about this ?

    For your reference :
    Asst year : 2001-02, Lost the original saral
    Refiled on Jan2005
    Refund Amt Rs. 11390
    Matter handled through RTI last few months and got the refund amount as Rs.12980(11390+Interest Rs.1590)

    What do u guys say ?

    Should i send a letter as a First Appeal asking for more clarification on the interest amount ?


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