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Thread: Delay of Address verification of Passport

  1. Delay of Address verification of Passport

    Dear Sir

    Ref: File ref No. B074009

    My name is Mannu Kumari and i applied for Passport on 23rd of March from Bangalore Location. My Previous Location was of Pune so the passport went to Pune Location also for previous address verification. After more than 40 days , when it didnt got verified from Pune, i went there(Pune) Personally, and got it verified from Police station. After that i returned to bangalore, with a hope that now it wont have any problem getting through the commissioner office of pune.

    But sad , its again more than 20 days that it hasn't come to bangalore after getting verified from Pune.

    Please let me know as to why is it so that its getting delayed so much. Hence hope you help me out.

    Mannu Kumari

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  2. Re: Delay of Address verification of Passport

    There are several discussion threads on how people have successfully used the RTI Act to get their passports speedily. You can use the search facility of our portal by giving the key word as passport, passport delay. You can also make use of the tag facility to search thes threads.

    I am just pointing out two of them for your convenience. I am sure you will get a lot of useful information here:

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  3. Re: Delay of Address verification of Passport

    We have a resource entry by JPS at his blog here, kindly read it here:

    The sample form can be downloaded from here too:


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