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Thread: introducing myself

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    introducing myself

    hi all this is brij khandelwal, from the city of the taj mahal, agra.
    i am a media person. i have been using the RTI act to get useful information.


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    Re: introducing myself

    i have sent out letters to the district authorities to find out who has ordered opening of the mantola nullah directly into the river yamuna in front of the agra fort, but even after ten days i have not had any response from any of the officers. i then requested the SSP and the IG to register an FIR under the 1974 pollution control act. that too elicited no response. the only course now left is to file a proper application under the RTI. my question is why dont the officials respond to ordinary queries. is it necessary to file applications under the RTI every time.

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    Welcome, your experience as media person will be useful to other members.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    hi brij,

    even i am from agra.

    and frequently have to use RTI

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    Hello Brij,
    Welcome to RTI India. Why don't you participate in 'proactive Disclosure campaign' with us, by downloading the format.

    And kindly start your discussions in appropriate forum, as this is just an introductory forum.

    Thank You!

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    Re: introducing myself

    ok good to know you are also from agra. i am sure you must be using the RTI effectively.
    what field are you in? i work for the TOI, IANS and part time teach
    best wishes

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: introducing myself

    Dear brijkhandelwal,

    Welcome to our fold. RTI is a powerful weapon. At the hands of the media it become more powerful. Incidentally, how do you know that the information you had sought is an ordinary query ? Generally the hesitation from officials is only in disclosing inconvenient information. The very fact that there is hesitation from the public authority in your case imply that the information you had sought is pinching someone.

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    Re: introducing myself

    thanks colonel
    i thought information about a drain should be easy to get. one finds it rather perplexing that with so many authorities including the supreme court of india involved in the safety of the taj mahal and other monuments, why an eyesore like the mantola nullah go unnoticed. all my efforts to elicit information on what problems or barriers prevented the concerned departments from taking appropriate measures to contain the pollution in the open drain in front of the fort, have so far been in vain.
    but i am hopeful the RTI will come to my aid. to impart momentum a few days ago I staged a dharna also which brought the issue in focus in the media.
    henceforth my strategy in dealing with public issues would be three-dimensional. seek information under the RTI, file complaints in the concerned departments or the police, one has to just fax a copy of the complaint to the senior superintendent of police, and follow up with a dharna, for a few hours, armed with a banner, poster and ready press notes. on three different occasions i have successfully tested this strategy which works. may be others can add some more ideas to it.
    the dharnas should be at a convenient place and dramatic with catch slogans to attract notice.


    brij khandelwal

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