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Thread: Now public can view all GOs on internet

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    Now public can view all GOs on internet

    Now public can view all GOs on internet

    As reported in Siasat, Friday, 13 June 2008

    Information, Technology and Communications Department (IT&C) has
    ensured that automatic uploading of Government Orders on the internet
    would take place henceforth.

    At the request of Andhra Pradesh Information Commission (APIC),
    Suresh Chand, Secretary, e-Governance, IT&C, spot tests were done on
    various department for some of the GOs issued and it was found that
    uploading was most thorough and comprehensive.

    A simple but very useful IT application ensures that each and every
    order issued by the departments are available for public viewing on
    the internet for instant dissemination.

    Earlier it was difficult to monitor whether the Government
    departments are putting GOs on the internet or not.

    The new system developed by IT&C, which is one of the first of its
    kind in the country, has inbuilt self-enforcing features that ensures
    the GO is made available for public view as soon as it is issued by
    the respective departments without any delay.

    Citizens can view GOs of all departments at The
    State Information Commission appreciated the initiative taken by IT&C
    Department in creating a mechanism which provides proactive
    disclosure of orders to citizens immediately.


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    C J Karira
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    Re: Now public can view all GOs on internet

    In relation to the above news report, I want to share my personal experience regarding GO's and RTI, before this GO related website was put up.

    In late November 2006, one of my classmates from the University requested me to get him a copy of a GO issued by the Government of AP regarding setting up of Industries in a particular area/project promoted by an agency of the state government.

    I made 7 trips to the state secretariat, visited various departments and was finally told by a very senior officer in the General Administration Dept. that GO's are a state secret and cannot be given to anyone ! Explaining the fact that this GO outlined the benefits available to industries being set up in AP, had no effect. I finally gave up.

    After I read the RTI Act for the first time in March 2007, I visited the same officer again with a RTI Application in my hand. I had a certified copy of the GO within 10 minutes. Of course, it was of no use, since by then, my classmate had already chosen another state to locate his project.

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    Re: Now public can view all GOs on internet

    The link given in this news item is not properly functional.

    The following link may be used.

    Welcome to Governament Order Issue Register

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Now public can view all GOs on internet

    Does it pertain to Andhra Pradesh only or all State governments and Central ? The site Welcome to Government Orders issue Register show only Andhra Pradesh

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    Re: Now public can view all GOs on internet

    Yes, It pertains to Andhra Pradesh Only.

    We can only hope & Pray to all other State Govts. and Central Govt. Depts. to do such an exemplary job in their respective domains.



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