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Thread: Hello - I am a new co-worker

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    Hello - I am a new co-worker

    Hi All,

    Just joined to this Forum. Have some questions - and of course answers.

    Q1. Whatever we post here - does it go to the PIO and get an answer ?
    Q2. What is the objective of this site ? I guess, online RTI - if not can we make our aim like that ? Can we also not bring the PIO logged in as a user to this site and make everything online to the extent possible ? It should be offline only where the user does not want / know / does not have access to INternet.
    Q3. The information present in this site is growing at high speed - searching will soon get an issue. Do you need help from software developer ?
    Q4.I belive NGOs are associated with RTI - a citizen should be able to identify an NGO and communicate using this site ?

    Wish a good day to everyone.

    Sabyasachi Gupta

  2. Re: Hello - I am a new co-worker

    Sabyasachi Gupta
    Welcome to RTI India. I hope you will get all the answers when you participate in more discussions. Kindly ask your queries at the appropriate forum as this is just an introductory forum. This is one powerful way we keep things organised.

    We have tagging system to keep track of the important issues.
    Also if you visit the 'Guide' Segment it is where we cull out important discussions and topics and put it in professional manner.

    As of now we have very limited vision and no plans to formally bring PIO to the site. Kindly read our vision here : RTI India - Complete Online Community Portal for Right to Information



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