As per a Tender Notice inviting bids/RFP put up on the CIC website:

CIC is in the process of "outsourcing" the preparation of its Annual Report for 2007-08 (as obligated under Sec 25)

The outline of the Task, as stated in the above document is:

3.3 Outline of Task

For collecting this information the Commission is writing separately to all Ministries and departments. The Commission has desired to engage a firm/ company/ institute to take up the following tasks on behalf of the Commission for preparing its Annual Report:-

a) Pursuing with all ministries/ departments of Government of India for collecting the information required for preparation of the report as outlined in the above mentioned circulars of the Commission,
b) In case the information is received in hard copy, Key it in on computer appropriately for preparation of the report,
c) Collating the information collected thereof for its brief Analysis for incorporating it in the report,
d) Prepare the information in a presentable form for the report,
e) Assist in preparation of the report in English and getting it translated in Hindi.

The time limit for preparation of the report is 15 October 2008.