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Thread: Does RTI cover property records at local/Tehsil level

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    Does RTI cover property records at local/Tehsil level

    Can any one advise if the Tehsildars/Sub-Registrars in the Punjab tehsil areas can release information on properties and land registered in their jurisdiction under <acronym title="Right to Information">RTI</acronym>? What information would I have to provide on the application form? Such as Khewat/Khatauni and Khasra numbers? And the fees involved? etc

    Any feedback welcome.


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    Re: Does RTI cover property records at local/Tehsil level

    Hallo....i am new to this forum.

    I have a similiar query.I have some ancestral rural land in dera bassi,punjab.And i am trying to find out if it is registered and if yes,then in whose name(i.e grandfather,great-grandfather...)

    However every time i visited the municipal office,i am told to bring the registry of the land.And when i say that is exactly what i am looking for,the answer is in the negative and they say they can not find any records without the registry.i am told that the personnal are looking for a bribe and only after that they will furnish the records.

    I do not want to pay my hard earned money as a bribe.

    how can i obtain information under RTI.

    Please help


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