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Thread: Hello Friends.... :-)

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    Hello Friends.... :-)

    Hi All,
    Thanks to Dr. Kushal Pathak for this happening. Hello to everybody in this campaign.

    My request:
    Is there any site like the 'bank sites', where I can get my PF informations, account details etc? I've tried epf found in google , but it seems that my PF does not belongs to this category. Is PF and EPF different?...If so what is the site for PF??!! ....anu suggestions is broadly welcome :-)

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    Re: Hello Friends.... :-)

    Hello Sajal,

    What you intend to say by PF is PPF i.e. Public Provident Fund.

    EPF and PPF are different. EPF is run under statutory provisions and compulsory for medium/large organisation.

    PPF schemes are optional but run under "PUBLIC PROVIDENT FUND Scheme - 1968" of the Central govt.

    PPF is run by Banks / Financial Organisations / Post Offices etc.

    There's no particular dedicated site catering to PPF details. Each organisation will have it's own set up.

    If you are contributing to some PPF schemes run by any Nationalised Banks/LIC etc. you can certainly use Right to Information to gather information pertaining to your PPF account.

    Otherwise simply write a request letter to the concerned bank asking for your PPF account details. They will oblige.

    For more info on EPF and PPF see these links.

    PF vs PPF: What's the difference?

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    welcome Sajal to RTI India. Kindly raise your issue at appropriate forum as this is just an Introductory forum.


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