(As Reported in a State News Paper "SAMBAD" 17.6.08)
Not implementing the RTI sect 4(b) some staff of Orissa Secretariat turns the installed computer as play box. The A/C computer rooms,rather recreation rooms are being used for playing Cards,quiz and video games among three thousand computer operators. Govt. has spent huge ammount of money to train them, to make the Govt.Websites up to date. Two and half years has been elapsed since implementation of the programme and atleast eight Departmental website is experiencing lacuna on it. Govt.website has mentioned 36 Department but eight Dept. has no RTI Information. These includes Agriculture,Food supplies & consumer welfare, Higher Education etc. We can not found up dated website. For example, the name of the D.G.Police is still there even 4 months after his retirement. And the Chief minister himself is in charge of Home Dept. A computer operator of supplies Dept.(requesting the Reporter of News paper to keep his name secret)reveals that, higher officers do not want their website to be up to date.
During last 4-months Govt. has purchased 600 nos of computer to make the Govt.websites up to date. But those are also being used for playing Cards by the Staff.