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Thread: Procedure after receipt of letter by govt officials

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    Procedure after receipt of letter by govt officials

    Dear friends
    I received a letter/document from collectorate filed by my respondents said to be received from APSFC.The document contain no stamp and date of the APSFC.I feel it is a concocted document.Iwant to know from the learned friends about the procedure in govt offices immediately after receipt of a letter/ document. That is to say that the letter either received by post oy received personally, entered in to a register and give stamp and date on the letter/document so as to give credibility to the receipt.Please inform how can we judge the credibility of the document with out having date and stamp of APSFC.Please inform the web site link or name a book showing the rules of procedure about receipt of documents by govt officials ,enable me for objecting the document.

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    Though the matter does not pertain to RTI, I would suggest that you should write to APSFC with photocoppy of the paper you have received and ask them to confirm its genuineness.
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