Dear all...

Good to see the view of concerned person over the 'Amendment'. But I must discard the 'interpretation' of the commenter. Well, let me bring more clarity into the matter as follows:

1) No State Government has the power to bring such 'SUBSTANTIVE' Amendment to RTI Act as the Act was passed by Parliament.

2) The Amendment which has been made by the government actually pertains to its own conforming rules specifying the duration within which the MP State Information Commission is required to dispose the Second Appeals that it receives. In the original rules, the SIC was required to dispose the Second Appeals in 30 days after the receipt of the case. Now the limit has been increased to 180 days.

3) Honourable CIC Shri Tiwari have actually commented down upon the government because he feels that even such rule making-amending (pertaining to specifying time limit to the SIC) is not under the powers of government. The reason being the same as specified above - as the RTI Act itself has not specified any time limit for the Information Commissions to dispose off the cases that these receive, no government can make such time limit.

4) But yes, the manner in which this Amendment has been presented by the media, waves of confusion and misinterpretation have rippled throughout the state. Some PIOs have gone even to such an extent that they have started giving in writing that the applicant will be given information in 180 days.

Bet regards