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Thread: Is RTI an Eyewash?

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    File is not getting attached I will reupload again.

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    I m attaching the documents related my Is thier any way to get out of corrupt, evil and wicked act made by governement servants.
    Neither the RTI Act is corrupt/evil/wicked nor is it made by government servants.

    Let us first have a look at all the copies of your documents starting from your original RTI application. Our active members have already offered to guide you further based on them.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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    I have emailed to you recent decision of Tamilnadu Info. Com which shows what RTI can do. Donot lose heart with delay. V have to keep on pushing on. 60 year old mindset and systems do not change over night. Pl post papers in English, as members may not be conversant with Tamil.
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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    I m uploading the documents related to my second appeal and RTI's action for my second appeal and PIO's unsatisfactory response.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Is RTI an Eyewash?-my_second_appeal_to_rti1-jpg  

    Is RTI an Eyewash?-my_second_appeal_to_rti2-jpg  

    Is RTI an Eyewash?-my_second_appeal_to_rti3-jpg  

    Is RTI an Eyewash?-rti_response_for_my_second_appeal-jpg  

    Is RTI an Eyewash?-pio_response_4_rtiaction1-jpg  

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    My case is this. My Grandfather purchased a property in 1960 in MKN Road, Alandur, Chennai. It has been divided to my father and my father's sister. My aunt's part is enjoyed by her son who has got a building with industrial power connection. He had attained bank a loan on it for constructing a building with his patta and documents.He is enjoying his mother's share of the property which is built. My father's part is a unconstructed land with compound wall on all sides with gate enclosing my aunty son's building. Couple of years back My father had gifted his part to me and it has been registered on my name.I have encumbrance certificate on my name without any issues on it for my property.

    I applied for transferring the Patta to my name from my father's name on 28th April 2007. I had been informed by Deputy Tashildar who was in power then that my land along with my aunty son's building has been considered as a porambuku land(waste land) and gifted to the neighbouring landlord. He then showed a survey document from his office in which my grandfather's name together with my aunt's name had been circled out and some thing had been written over it like considered as porambukku(waste land) and had been gifted to the neighbouring landlord.

    I had not been given any written document regarding rejection of my patta application except being told that it has been considered as Porambokku land(Waste land) and gifted to the neighbourhood landlord by DRO order based on a proceeding which we are not aware of.

    I had sought to seek some of the following informations like 1) on what basis a land and building that has been given patta previously had been considered as Poramboku land(waste land) and gifted to someone else.
    2) who are the officers involved in this order. 3) I need the copies of document that mentions the legal powers for a DRO to consider a land as a waste land and gift it to someone else. 4) what documents did the neighbourhood landlord provided to consider our land as porumbakku land and to be clubbed and donated to him. 5) A copy of order of the proceedings by DRO.

    I had made my first application to RTI on the month of June 2007.For my second appeal I got information from PIO to go and meet Tambaram Tashildar and get information by word of mouth.

    When I went to Tambaram Tashildar he asked me to go and meet DRO in person and to get the information. I had not been able to meet the DRO so many times when I went to see him in his office which is very far from my place.They wont be in the office most of time. We have to wait for hours until they come back after which their will be a big queue for welcoming him. We will only get a chance to meet him after hours and hours of waiting.Either he will give misleading information or redirect to his subordinate who does it precisely.

    I had applied for seeking the same information from DRO office through RTI again. I had not been given any information still now regarding not issuing me a patta by means of writing except being told word of mouth.

    If thier is no Mischieves or any fraudulent activity on their part why is that they are hesitating to give me the information that I seek in writing.

    Is their anything that a person has got to be specially blessed with other to be born in country to get the information that they seek to fight against injustice.

    Neither the RTI Act is corrupt/evil/wicked nor is it made by government servants. (Unless and until you experience it by yourself you cannot accept the statement).

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    Dear Lakshminarasinhan,
    In these parts of our country there are innumerable cases exactly like yours. In your case you are absolutely right and to my mind the authorities have far too many things to hide and that is the reason for their evading reply. Before enactment of the RTI Act there was absolutely no practical solution other than entering into prolonged litigation. The RTI Act has bestowed on us the power to question, seek information about any document, gather evidence and seek action taken by them.

    Such cases are normally not likely to get resolved quickly due to the resistance of the officials who have erred. Unless they are compelled they won't provide you any information if they can afford. What you should do is to persuade the case from various angle so that they are compelled to reply you. In the bargain they are likely to commit contradictions and mistakes. From those bits you have to build your case.

    I don't think that even if your land is a waste land the Tahsildar or RDO has any power to assign it to your neighbour. Please make use of RTI Act fully to gather maximum data and evidence. Some time later you may have to approach the judiciary with the evidence gained.

    You don't have to meet the Tahsildar and party. If the AA formally call you for hearing only you have to attend. No verbal settlement. You may have to file many RTI applications one after another to gather bits and pieces of documentary evidence. I could not read your applicatios in Tamil. However I got a general idea of your case. Please don't loose heart. There are many experienced learned members in this forum to assist you in your struggle. But please don't loose heart.

    Incidentally your case has got prompt and fast attention from theS IC. If you had gone to the Court or approached through any means other than RTI, do you think you would have got anything beter. Now atleast theSIC has referred your case to the PIO. It is a good start.
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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    Though you have generally followed the procedure for getting info from the PIO, I feel that your second appeal to the SIC is not properly made. You have simply asked the SIC to get you the info. They have promptly forwarded it to the PIO - RDO, Chengalpattu. Now you are not satisfied with the info furnished by the PIO/RDO, Chengalpattu. You may again approach the SIC saying that the PIO has failed to provide you the info and asking him to take action on the PIO. The appeal should be suitable drafted and with proper enclosures.

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    Make three collums write

    writ again to SIC (in continuation to my second appeal I am hereby submitting my submission(s)/observation(s) regarding deficencies in the information provided)
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