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Thread: Is RTI an Eyewash?

  1. Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    It clearly appears that your letter dated your letter dated 10.11.2007 has not been considered as a second appeal by the SCIC, but only as a representation, probably on account of the deficiencies in the format of the appeal. Besides, there has been a time gap of more than six months since you received your last reply from the PIO/RDO, Chengalpet.

    Though the RTI application questions you have mentioned in post #13 appears okay, you have not informed the reply that you got from the PIO for this application, the format of first appeal that you had filed and its reply. With the result, I am unable to state clearly whether you should pursue this second appeal itself, or to restart the process afresh.

    As suggested by Colonel, a few more RTI applications will definitely help. Though our members will be ready to help you with the format of the applications and other details, I would advise you to go through the various threads in this forum on first appeal & second appeal and get a complete grasp of the subject. Please also go through the Tamil version of the RTI Act guidebook which is uploaded in the directory section.

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    In my second appeal to the SIC I had mentioned clearly that I had not received any information till then. Even though I had mentioned boldly in the subject that it is my second appeal I wonder why the SIC had not considered it as an appeal and considered it as a representation.In fact I had gone through the RTI guide in tamil and followed the procedures mentioned in it.It clearly shows of that RTI people are also government servants with a tendency to cooperate to thier counterparts rather than providing impartial service to the public.

    For those of who are reading this thier is even more surprise for you Since I had not received information from RDO, Chinglepet after my second appeal after that I had made a fresh RTI application directly to PIO of DRO office, Kancheepuram who is a grade higher than RDO. Through that application also I had not got the seeked information yet even after first appeal. I had made a second appeal for that and waiting for reply for past couple of weeks. If they are this much defiant in giving the information you can imagine the extreme of their mischieves.

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    For format and procedure for first and second appeals pl use the formats with necessary changes as posted in my blogs on first and second appeals for central govt. Tamilnadu rules do not provide format and hence U can use those of central govt. with changes. If your earlier non-rti applications are pending with concerned dept, pl visit my blog "any thing pending with govt?"
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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    I went to RTI office,Chennai in person on 16/7/2008 with the copies of my appeal and spoke to the RTI Officials regarding my appeal. I asked the officer who spoke to me why my second appeal(I had mentioned it in my document that it is a second appeal in the subject line) has been forwarded as a representation to the PIO instead of calling the PIO for hearing.He was not able to give me an answer for that and asking me to reapply so that he will take necesssary action next time.He was not able to convince me for my question of why my second appeal has been considered as a representation. He was not willing to reveal his name when I asked for it after the conversation. I want to know if I am wrong to ask for his name.The way he answered giving misleading information, trying to jerk away and getting scared for my argument gives me a strong impression that they RTI had not taken proper action for my second appeal.

    I would like to know do I need to mention in my appeal that I would like the PIO to be called up for an hearing or is it at the discretion of RTI officials.

    If it is mandatory that the RTI officials has to call the PIO for a hearing after me mentioning of not receiving the sought information in my second appeal then the RTI has not acted properly in my case for sure. If anyone of you can clarify me regarding this I would like to proceed against the RTI officials.

    Does the RTI officials come under the banner of State Vigilance Commission. Please those of you who are aware of the procedures can you guide me on this regard.

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    We must be clear about what RTI is for. It is for giving info. It is not for taking action against anyone. We should not confuse the role of State or Central Information Commissioners with that of the Vigilance Commissioners. Roles of both are clearly different. Ofcourse, the info that we get through RTI may help us approach the Vigilance Commissioner for taking action against erring officials. That is by the way.
    Coming to the point at issue, you may file a fresh second appeal now that the SIC is willing to take action on the appeal. This would cut short lot of delays which will otherwise be caused. Officials by nature are nervous and suspecious about info seekers even if they have done nothing wrong. Reasons for that are many. If we discuss that we may go astray. So dont worry too much about the demeanour of officials dealing with you. Just dont loose balance. Be calm and to the point. Try not to accuse. Be positive in your approach. That would put them at ease and helpful.

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    Please send your application details to the following address:

    16/884 B 24 th. 2 nd. Cross Street,
    Santhi Nagar,
    Palayamkottai -627 002.

    I can help you

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    My sincere advice would be not to visit personally and discuss with PIO/FAA unless U intend to remain present in personal hearing with FAA, when called by him. I hve helped more than 100 applicants in this area, without ever applicant or me visiting PIO/FAA personally and got the desired results in almost all the cases. You have good command over language and hence write to them, rather than wasting your time, money and energy in visiting them and having bad experience.
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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    Just try to separate yourself emotionally from the case.
    Pretend (to yourself) that you are seeking for someone else.
    Then go about it methodically (with clinical precision) to collect through RTI all the info you need for the final judicial case which you [I]may[I] have to go though.
    Our members here are all with you to help your quest.
    Take heart & be confident - it may take some time

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