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Thread: Is RTI an Eyewash?

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    Is RTI an Eyewash?


    I had applied to get some information through RTI-2005. I m based in Chennai and I sought to seek information from Tashildar Office,Tambaram. Despite my first appeal and second appeal I had not received any information that I had seeked.

    I don't understand why RTI had not taken any action against the concerned public information officers for not providing me the information that I had sought. I had been informed RTI acts stringently and I will get the information that I seek if I apply it through RTI. But it look like only an EYEWASH.

    Anyone who doubt about my claim I can prove with all the documents that RTI had not taken proper action for my second appeal and I had not got the sought information even after my second appeal.

    I had wasted so much of money, time and effort believing in this helpless RTI.

    Please can anyone help me out by guiding me what should I do if I didnot get the information that I seek after my second appeal.

    Is their any governing body of RTI to whom I can complain about RTI's malfunctioning.

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    Please post the copies of your RTI application, its response if any, your first and second appeal, verbatim. You can upload them as attachments to your post. That will enable our active members to review your case and come out with their ideas and suggestions.
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  3. Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    Since most of State Information Commissions and Central Information Commission are overburdened with second appeals or complaints, it will take more time, before it is heard by the commission. If you have properly followed procedure and rules of Tamilnadu state, U will get information though belatedly and PIO "may" be punished in all probability. I have provided rules applicable to Tamilnadu in Guide section [top right hand side of this page]. Pl check your application.
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    RTI is helpless...!
    I am shocked to hear such things.
    It is indeed a Sun Shine Law, Please upload all ur details, You will surely get favourable response.

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    RTI in Tamil Nadu is supposed to be quite responsive, going by newspaper reports. So you need not feel disheartened. Pls post the details. Members may suggest means to get what you want.

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    As Ganpati1956 said please post the copy of application submitted reply(s) sent/received only then one can advise to solve the problem.

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    Send me copies of RTI Application and Appeals made to enable me to guide you.
    One step which could help u a lot will be to approach local press of Madras.That will put the authorities moving.SIC will take time to decide the case.

    If u have knowledge of specific document required why don't u take help under Indian Evidence Act and ask foer copy of document by paying a nominal fee

    R K Garg

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    Re: Is RTI an Eyewash?

    I m attaching the documents related my Second Appeal to RTI.

    The My_Second_Appeal_To_RTI1,2,3.jpeg are the documents that I made for my second appeal to RTI.

    RTI_Response_For_My_Second_Appeal.jpeg is the action taken by RTI. RTI had simply forwarded a letter for PIO to take necessary action for my second appeal.

    PIO_Response_4_RTIAction1.jpeg is the letter that I received from PIO after my second appeal to RTI and RTI's action. The letter from PIO States that I have to go and meet the concerned officer to get the necessary information by word of mouth which is absolutely ridiculous.

    The reason for my application itself is since the information that the concerned officer gave by word of mouth is not sufficient for me to proceed further to take legal action against his fraudulent deeds.

    Is thier anyone here to argue further that RTI is a sunshine law and all.I had followed the procedure perfectly as per the guidelines without any error in my part.

    I had been told that thier will be response for the first appeal and the PIO has to pay Rs250/- per single day delay after the first appeal.All are just news.Newspapers and press in tamilnadu are giving unnecassary hype about RTI the where can I go and approach them.

    The documents that I had enclosed are in Tamil except the one from RTI. For those of you who cannot understand it I can translate it and post it in English with my whole case history.But it will be a bit big.

    Can you kindly let me know regarding Indian Evidence Act. Is thier any way to get out of corrupt, evil and wicked act made by governement servants.

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