In 2004, the government had set up a committee under M S Swaminathan to review coastal regulations. The committee submitted its report in 2005.
Since then, the government has been formulating the new rules in a hushed fashion. In its response to one <ACRONYM title="Right to Information">RTI</ACRONYM> application, the ministry said the Indian Law Institute was commissioned to formulate regulations based on Swaminathan’s report.

Several coastal states had written to the government demanding that coastal regulations notified in 1991 under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, be eased to allow ‘development’ of coasts with Maratha strongman Sharad Pawar reportedly pitching hard recently for opening the salt pans of Mumbai to development as well.

The 1991 notification has been under severe pressure from the construction lobby and states wanting to open the sea front to development.

The government has availed a $90 million loan from the World Bank in order to avail compensation to the salt pans and pisciculture owners.

Wanting to know as to uptil where has the Procedure reached and has government passed any GR(Government resolution) in this context.