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Thread: not many people are aware of the existence of RTI

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    not many people are aware of the existence of RTI

    while interacting with ordinary people in smaller towns and villages i have discovered not many people are aware of the existence of RTI which can be a great weapon in their armoury. some people said they did not know who to address the questions in various departments, while others found making payments through postal orders or bank drafts too cumbersome. also we need to have some model questions for various departments, because people i have been trying to motivate do not know how to ask questions that would get them the right information which could be of some use to them. obviously getting simple information or data is not enough, the purpose should be to digg out deliberately concealed or cold-storaged bits of information that can expose some people or bring corrupt elements into disrepute.
    my suggestions are:

    please provide a model proforma with some sample questions
    and examples
    can we work on some mechanism which will help them ask questions and if in some cases they can not afford to pay the fee, fund their questions
    can be have a daily register to keep track of questions being asked and their fate
    also the website should highlight results of successful questioning

    brij khandelwal

  2. Re: not many people are aware of the existence of RTI

    I think, over a period GUIDE and DIRECTORY sections on this portal will take care of what you suggest, except funding. Application fees are nominal and poor can use bpl card. I have tried drafting of questions on delay in PF, Income tax refund, passport and such other matters on my blog. My articles for guiding new users are in GUIDE section with proforma etc.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.


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