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Thread: An Insider Turned Outsider

  1. An Insider Turned Outsider

    I was in government for well over three decades. I am aware this RTI is a tremendoulsy powerful tool to break coteries, cabals and freemasons and their style of decision making. But I am not so sure how people can be made enthusiastic about seeking information. For an ordinary individual with a few interactions with the government , even the present procedures are cumbersome. Moreover, he wants his job done, be it issue of passport or driving license and so on. He is not worried if in the Army Supply Corps the procedure of awarding contracts for chicken and egg is full of holes unless he himself is a contractor. And if he happens to be contractor then he will know his ways around the maze of redtape and he would know whom to cultivate , who is the decsion maker and so on. The operations are massive. This social change has to be evolutionary.
    My view is that government should be compelled to be proactive in parting with information. Take for example PDS. Just as Voters List on display Ration card holders' list can be put on website. Kiosks can be opened in all Panshops to access information on such matters through the Internet.

  2. Welcome Maradnusro to RTI India. I am confident that your long experience in govt service willl benefit the RTI India Community. Please browse around the forums to know more about our activities and do participate in the various discussions with your valuable suggestions.


  3. Dear maradnusro
    Your concern for the welfare of people is note worthy.
    I believe every thing is a process of evolution. In the bye gone days it was very difficult to know even the basics of the things.
    Now with RTI things are taking a right turn. Along with RTI one of the enabler for removing discretion is the information technology. And i am happy to note that a lot of work in our country is being under taken on this front.

    Apart from the people you talked about who knows the ways in the red tape and all, all i would like to say they are among us only. The very basic of society can change when the fear from the minds of people disappear. A person collects, amass fortune just to tide over the rainy days. Other wise there is no point wasting youth to get money which will be of not much use later.
    And i believe no law can remove the fear from the people unless it comes from within.
    Swami Vivekanand has said Fear is equal to death and i feel that what is the cause of all the mismanagement.


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