Chapter III of RTI Act deals with constitution, terms of office and Removal etc of Central Information Commission and Chapter IV on that of the State Information commission. But the Act appear to be silent as to who control all these commissions. Of cource some of the orders imply that DoPT control the CIC and the respective State Administrative Wing control the SICs. Can we say that the CIC is under the jurisdiction of the DoPT ? At least I can't.

What is the net result ? There are conflicting interpretation of the RTI act by CIC and diferent SICs. There is no uniform procedure on anything concerning RTI Act except the RTI Act by itself . There is not even any common Rule. The CIC is impossing an unsustainable Management Rugulation and some of the States are charging exhorbitant rates to shoo away the information seekers defeating the very aim of the Act.

Don't you think the requirement of a Central Agency more or less at par with the "Election Commission". One may name it as "Information Commission of India" All the Commissions, both central and states could come under the juridiction of this Commission who may control, coordinate and guide the activities of all the Commissions.