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  1. PIO responsibility

    I filed an RTI application with the PIO District collector karimnagar asking certain information regarding packaged drinking water. After 38 days the PIO responded intimating me that the information sought by me does not come under his preview. Therefore he is transferring the application to the respective Municipal Commissioner and Thasildar under section 6 (3) further he also informed me that I should collect the information from the respective department
    As for my knowledge goes it is the responsibility of the PIO, Collector to transfer and collect the information from the PIO, municipality & PIO Thasidar under 6 (3) and furnish the same to the applicant under his signature (i.e.,PIO,collector )

    I need clarification in this regard and what section are applicable if any under RTI


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    Re: PIO responsibility

    As per Sec 6(3) of the Act where an application is made to a public authority requesting for an information which is held by another public authority or the subject matter is more closely connected with the functions of another public authority,the public authority to which such application is made shall transfer the application to that other public authority. It will also inform the applicant about the transfer. But such transfer is to be done within five days. There is no obligation for the initial public authority to collect the info from the later PA and furnish the same to the applicant. In the case mentioned by you if the Collector and the Telsildar are two different PAs then the act of the Collector is correct if it is the Tehsildar rather than the Collector who has the info. Transferring after 38 days is violation of the Act, ofcourse.

  3. Re: PIO responsibility

    The question here is wheather it is the responsiblity of the <ACRONYM title="Public Information Officer">PIO</ACRONYM> collector to collect the information from the respective <ACRONYM title="Public Information Officer">PIO</ACRONYM>'s and furnish to me or should I collect the information from PA muncipality/Thasidar .

    With whom Iam supposed to make a First Appeal when I dont get the responses
    Higher authority to the PIO, collector or
    Higher authorities to PIO, Muncipality/Thasildar

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    Re: PIO responsibility

    I find from the AP Govt Website that for every District and in every district for every Deptt/offices there are different PIOs and AAs. Your concern is about Panchayati Raj department. Under that department for every municipality different PIOs and AAs are shown. No where do I find the Collector as PIO or AA. The collector thus does not have any responsibility to collect the info and give you. His responsibility ends with transferring you application to the concerned PIO. please visit that website to find the correct PIO and AA.


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