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Thread: Passport problem

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    Passport problem


    I had applied for my passport in Dec 2006 .When it came up for police verification , the police refused to verify it under the context that our building was getting demolished and redeveloped. So i submitted the address change form at the passport office personally. The police verified again and they found the new address details ok. After not getting the passport i filed a RTI with the passport office. They have said that from 22nd Oct ,2007 the verification is with DCP,SB-II,CID,MUMBAI. And they are yet to get a report from them. What should i do next file a RTI again with the CID office. Can you please help me with this , if a RTI needs to be filed can you provide me with the address of DCP,SB-II,CID,MUMBAI.


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    Re: Passport problem


    First can you please try the following website and find out details:

    Mumbai Police-Aap ki seva Mein! - Home

    If you do not have any success, then please file your RTI with the relevant PIO.
    The details of all PIO's of Mumbai Police are available from page 68 onwards of this document:

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    Re: Passport problem

    I had file a RTI regarding my passport application. I was deeply saddened
    when I got the letter about closure of the passport application File
    No –BOMW11393605 .I would take you through the sequence of events
    that took place and the facts that are stated below a. This is a serious issue of how one can be troubled by the processes in place .
    1. Passport Applied On -02/01/2007
    2. Passport Came for verification on 29/01/2007 at Andheri Police
    Station (D.N Nagar). Since our building was about to be demolished.
    The police did not verify the address and you got a Not Recommendatory
    3. After receiving a letter from your side regarding the not
    recommendatory report from the CID office (Enclosed Copy)we again
    visited the Passport office on 22/10/2007 and filed up the Personal
    particulars form with the current address. The permanent address was
    again the old address.
    4. We again got a call from the police station and we went for police
    re-verification. This time the police verified the address. I made
    repeated calls to police help line number (1090) for the status of the
    application, they told me that the status was sent to CID office on
    15/12/2007 and the application is pending from their side.
    5. After this I filed a RTI (Right to information) at the passport
    office on 28/04/2008 . I got the reply on similar lines

    I don’t know why this passport application file is closed. When a RTI
    is filed how can application be closed? This is rather serious issue. After visiting CID office on 24/07/2008 they had stopped the application ,since incorrect address report was sent by DN Nagar police station.I informed this to DN Nagar police station and after this they resent the report and verification was completed.By the time the application was closed.

    I visited the passport office personally and contacted the RPO Mumbai (HEMAND H.KOTALWAR). But he said that it is a old case and please reapply for a new passport. And when i asked him for an explanation he asked me to get out of his office.Asked the police constable to escort me outside.Please advise me what needs to be done further ,because i don't want anyone to face this kind of problem again.

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    From your post it seems that the passport was not made because of problems with police verification. The matter is over so far as RTI is concerned. Even otherwise, I think the next logical course would be to leave aside the earlier matter and file a new application for passport. Through RTI you already know the reasons for denial of passport, so you can take care of that in the new application.
    In your post, you have made a named reference to the RPO which is against forum rules. Please refrain from doing that.

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    Re: Passport problem

    You are right i should n't have used names in my post , my apologies. But i don't agree with you when you say RTI is for only getting the cause of the delay .It should go further and should serve as basis for appplying penalties on government officials who cause such delays. In my case the problem was with the verifying authorities , but the passport office was also responsible in closing the file application without verifying the reasons. Applying for a new passport is Ok , but what if this repeats...Are people who have done this brought to book ?. Are you spared when you cause a delay /negligence when working in a private company ?

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    Using RTI you have found the negligence in duty by the officers. You can complain against them under the normal office procedure using the PIO's reply as evidence. RTI is meant only for getting information and cannot extend beyod that.
    If no action is taken on your complaint you can follow it up with another RTI application seeking status of your complaint.


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