The following article in TOI dt 26th june , probably signifies that if used righteously by the system, even the offender cant get away with it.

Rapist files RTI plea, charged with triple murder

Property Dealer, Wife Killed Woman And Two Sons Before Raping Minor Daughter And Pushing Her Into Flesh Trade


New Delhi: The story had all the makings of a racy crime thriller. A man convicted for the rape of a minor, murder of the minor’s mother comes to light, man seeks details of the murder — only to be charged with not one but three murders himself.
<!----> <!---->It all started in 2004 when a woman called Vajiro, her 16-year-old daughter and two minor sons — residents of Maujpur in north-east Delhi, became friends with a property dealer from Motia Khan during their visits to Bangla Sahib gurdwara. Property dealer K K Seth (40) and his wife Usha (38) soon learnt that Vajiro’s husband had been missing for six years and offered the family a roof and a livelihood.
<!----> <!---->On April 16, 2004, the couple took Vajiro and her children to their house in Motia Khan. The duo served food laced with sedatives to the girl, who was then raped by Seth. The next day, the girl found her siblings missing but her mother around. A few days later, the teenager was told that her mother had sold her for Rs 75,000 to Seth and left. Soon, she was pushed into the flesh trade by the couple.
<!----> <!---->Later in the year, in October, Seth was arrested in a cheating case by the Nabi Karim police, and the girl took the opportunity to flee from his house to her old home in Maujpur.
<!----> <!---->To her shock, there she was told that her mother and brothers had never returned. The girl then confided in one of her aunts, who helped her file a rape case against Seth and his wife. Following the complaint, the Pahargang police arrested the couple but did nothing to trace Vajiro and her sons.
<!----> <!---->In the meantime, the bodies of two boys had been found in a box near New Delhi railway station on April 19, 2004, but the two could not be identified and were marked as untraced in the files. Similarly, a body with the name Vajiro tattooed on one arm was found near Kashmere Gate, again inside a box, on May 13, 2004. That case file too termed the victim’s identity as untraced.
<!----> <!---->Meanwhile, Seth and his wife were convicted of rape in October 2007 and sent to Tihar Jail. In April 2007, Seth read a newspaper advertisement dated June 2004 where the public’s help was sought to identify a dead body found at Kashmere Gate. Trying to prove that the person who murdered Vajiro had also raped her daughter, Seth tried to prepare his defence by filing an RTI application, seeking a probe into Vajiro’s death. The RTI plea was sent to Kashmere Gate police station, where the police, instead of checking files related to murder cases, checked in that pertaining to suicides and natural deaths. Unable to find Vajiro’s details, the police sent back a “not found” reply. Vajiro’s daughter in the meantime got married and moved to Rewari.
<!----> <!---->Seth again filed an RTI application in December 2007, seeking details of investigations into Vajiro’s murder. This time, the police smelled a rat and managed to retrace the case. When the Kashmere Gate police cornered Seth at Tihar jail, he tried to mislead them by saying that according to the girl’s statement to the magistrate, the rape was committed in the last week of May 2004. However, Vajiro’s body was found on May 13, 2004.
<!----> <!---->The police then traced Vajiro’s daughter. She said she had been sedated and abused for nearly six months and did not remember the exact dates. The police turned back to Seth and his wife. “He was interrogated at length during which he confessed to his crime,” said DCP (north) Devesh Srivastava.
<!----> <!---->“Seth told us that he first killed the boys and dumped their bodies near New Delhi railway station. He later strangled Vajiro to death. The two were booked for murder on May 26 this year,” said police.
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