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Thread: Fear to Administration.

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    Fear to Administration.

    Sri H.D.Souri, once told that, Luck dependant Indian do not Fight for their Right and think that it might be their Luck. He cited one example that, Doctors prescribed Medicines, he should make the patient aware of good, bad, side effect of those drugs, as per rules. But neither Doctors nor the Patient, is interested for this. Even some Doctors loose patience, while explaining the administration doses. Rarely Patient is able to read the prescription. It is with reference to the following context.
    Expected success of RTI Act is not here, says the newly appointed Information Comissioner of Orissa. He pointed out the reasons being Fear of the General Public to wards Govt/Administration. The reasons fo fear is manifold. The main cause is that, the peoples are affected by the complicacy of the Administration where they unable to find solution to their problems. Hence, they have to depend upon their luck. The second reason is that, they had experienced the fearful sight of deliberate revenge from the Administration, and hence do not like to quarrel with a crocodile being residing in the same water. Lack of knowledge, lack of consciousness, Illiteracy, poverty are other reasons.
    To make the RTI Act more acceptable, the New Commissioner of Orissa, has proposed for a toll free telephone number , is a positive step.
    If the New Commissioner will take steps to punish the arrogant Public Authority, people will belief that , RTI Act is not a paper Tiger. And, gradually, they will develop confidence on the Commission.
    (Basing on a regional news paper.)

    Fight for the Right.

  2. Re: Fear to Administration.

    If the comissioner acts in favour of the corrupt Public Information Oficers of some PA, then the very purpose of making this law is defeated. But our experience is not good at all. The Govt authority is still behaving like boss and they are mostly hand in gloves with corrupt persons in some departments in west Bengal, as reported in media and some local RTI activists.


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