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Thread: informations to associations

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    informations to associations

    There is no provision in RI Act for giving information to corporations, associations. etc unless the office bearer indicates his name. Is it proper to reject such applications if the applicant has not indicated his name. usually in the letter pad there may be name of the office bearers. Please clarify.

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    This basically involves the interpretation/definition of the term "citizen" under the RTI Act. There have been quite a few decisions of the SICs and CIC on the subject matter. The discussions in the following threads will help you to grasp the position.

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    Re: informations to associations

    Further to what Ganpat mentioned, in the last 9 months to a year, BOTH the CIC and various SIC's have been very liberal in granting this right to office bearers of Associations, Committees, Samithis, Companies, etc.

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    Can a union ask for information

    Can I as a president of my employees association on the letter head of the Association, as from my employer certain information uner RTI Act.

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    Please be guided by the discussions in the earlier posts. Though several CICs & SICs have given liberal interpretation to the term "citizen", while dealing with the applications of unions/associations, it is better to apply in the individual office-bearer's name, to avoid the lengthy process of taking the issue to the level of CIC/SIC.

    (BTW, please avoid making multiple threads on the same issue)
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