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Thread: Application fee guideance

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    Application fee guideance

    Dear Sirs,
    State Govt. of Orissa has prescribed deposit of Application fee through Chalan. Accordingly, I have sent my application to a controlling authority of Institutions on 19.6.2008, which is also a Govt.Organisation. But later on I came to learnt that, they only received Appl.fee by other means e.g.Draft. If my application will be rejected on this ground, I like to make an Appeal. Then whom to appeal ?
    i) to the FAA of the same organisation or to the Commission.
    ii)Whether my appeal will be considered ? or I should make a fresh application.
    I may mention here that, before sending the application ,I have searched their site for RTI Information. But it was not there.
    I didnt find similar thread at our site, hence in need of your guideance.
    Yours Sincerely, Mishra

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Application fee guideance


    There can be 2 grounds for Complaint under Sec 18 to the SIC:

    1. PA is not accepting Application Fee in the mode prescribed by Orissa RTI Rules
    2. Website does not indicate what are the mdoes of payment.

    But, as you know, this route thorugh SIC will take a long time.

    First Appeal can also be made on both the above grounds. That will take 30 or 45 days maximum.

    If you are keen to get information faster, it is better to call up the PIO and exactly ask him if your application will be accepted or not. If he says no, either request him to accept your repayment in the correct mode or resubmit the application.

    If the PIO is really sincere, he might keep all the information ready, but only give it to you if you give the fee in proper format.

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    Re: Application fee guideance

    Thank you Kariraji, I am interested to get the information, am waiting for their reply. If there is no reply within 35 days, I will resubmit the application.
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  4. Re: Application fee guideance

    I didnt find similar thread at our site, hence in need of your guideance.
    Ashok, a similar thread is in fact available
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    Re: Application fee guideance

    Hello TheGreat,

    Try to get the desired information from the PIO as suggested by KARIRA.

    Then kindly let the forum know the Name of the Public Authority you are seeking information from.

    Orissa RTI Rules technically do not permit Drafts per se. The approved modes are CASH & Treasury challan.

    But all PIOs (Orissa) are required to open Bank A/Cs and maintain the funds there. So Drafts, Direct deposit, Money Transfer etc. are possible by stretching out the definition of CASH.

    The OSIC has already decided on IPOs / MOs as valid mode of payment.

    In your case approach the PIO either personally or by post and ask him why other modes are not acceptale to him despite the rules.

    Afterwards file a complaint before the FAA & Commission (serving a copy of the same to the errant PIO) so that someone else shall not be harrassed like this.

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    Re: Application fee guideance

    Sidharth, the Public Authority is the PIO,o/o the Secretay, Council of Higher Secondary Education Orissa, Bhubaneswar. Actually the information, I sought, is very hard for them to reply, hence they will not like to miss any chance of rejecting my application.
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