RTI exposes financial irregularities in coop bank

As reported in the Times of India, 28 Jun 2008,TNN

LUCKNOW: The Right to Information (RTI) Act has brought to the fore financial bungling worth approximately Rs 42 crore committed by the employees of Sitapur Cooperative Bank Ltd. The bungling is shown in the special audit report for the period 1989-90 to 2005-06.

The information has been provided by the office of district assistant registrar, cooperative societies, Uttar Pradesh, Sitapur. An application addressed to public information officer (PIO)/district assistant registrar. Khalik Ahmad, in October 2007, had sought information on the total embezzled amount, mis-appropriated amount and irregular amount shown in the special audit report from the year 1989-90 to 2005-06 in the District Cooperative Bank Ltd, Sitapur (headquarters).

The applicant had sought details about the action taken against the officers and staff who were held responsible in the special audit report for the mentioned time period. Ahmad had also asked the PIO to provide information about name and designation of officers and staff against whom FIR was registered or any departmental action was initiated.

The information released by the PIO in November, 2007, showed embezzlement worth Rs 57,201,142.71, mis-appropriation worth Rs 25,27,91,306.41 and irregular amount to the tune of Rs 10,61,55,390.08 for the bank as pointed out in the special audit report for the years 1989-90 to 2005-06.

RC Dubey, PIO, has also revealed that FIR has been registered against six officials and services of three of the employees have been terminated. Ahmad, in his application, has also asked for the certified photocopies of the special audit report for the said period.

"I have not got the copies yet and now I have submitted an appeal in the commission to ask the department concerned to provide me the copies of the report", said Ahmad. The date of hearing into the matter has been fixed for July 8, 2008.

RTI exposes financial irregularities in coop bank-Lucknow-Cities-The Times of India