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Thread: New Information Commissioner of Orissa.

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    New Information Commissioner of Orissa.

    Following is the replies of newly appointed Information Commissioner of Orissa, Sri Jagadananda , as reported in the regional news paper.:-
    Q. State Govt. has appointed you, is it possible, you can avoid pressure of the Govt. in your work field ?
    A.Information Commission is a neutral organisation, it is formed according to constitution of India and Govt. has appointed Information Commissioner. The leader of the opposition is also involved in this appointment. As selection has been made with consultation of all concerned, hence there will be no Govt.pressure.
    Q.RTI Act has been implemented since more than 3 years, do you think, it is working well on our State?
    A.First year has been gone with the constitution of law and opening the offices etc. Infact Commission began functioning since two years. Previously, people feels as the Citizen of this country only at the time of election. But the RTI Act make the people conscious, the citizenship, every day. Offcourse this Act has not been able to reach to the rural and backward area of the state.
    Q.There is no initiative to make this Act, Popular. What is your view ?
    A.It is the duties of the Govt. to take steps, in order to reach this Act to the people. I cant say, why the Govt. is silent. After taking over the charges, I will have a discussion with the Govt and provide the required cooperation on behalf of Commission.
    Q.What are the barrier for the success of the RTI Act in our State ?
    A.i.People still fears to seek Information.
    ii.Psychology of the Govt.Servant has not yet changed.
    iii.All the Govt.Dept should try to make the people conscious, taking action as per Sec.4 of the Act. However, it is a all India Problem.
    Q.After receiving the charges as the Commissioner, which work you will prefer to do first ?
    A.I will organise Camp Court in the backward area which will accelerate justice to the people. I will see that the Dist Administration will act as per the Sec.4 of the Act, by which there will be an increase in transperency. Secondly, I will take necessary steps to introduce a toll free phone for the illeterate & poor people for seeking information.
    Q.Do you think, can work properly, within the restriction of rules ,Regulation and pressure ?
    A.I am a man of Independence. Whenever I feel that, there is obstruction, in my work, I will not hesitate to quit the post.

    " I Admire your Attitute Sir."

    Fight for the Right.

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    Re: New Information Commissioner of Orissa.

    Hello TheGreat,

    Thanks for this post.

    The new Information Commissioner of Orissa through his initiatives can bring justice for the Info seekers and RTI movment.

    His ideas regarding setting up camp courts and clearing back logs are welcome steps. Equally welcome are his proposed initiatives on Sec. 4 implementation.

    Let's see how far he succeeds in implementing the same. Only Time will tell.

    But let's hope for the Best.


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