I am a resident of chennai from birth.My husband is also a chennai citizen from birth. Due to his sales job, we were transferd to many places in tamilnadu, but now for more than a decade we stay in chennai.From my marriage in 1983, I have applied for ration card several times,but no one came for verification neither, or I got a rationcard for the family. Now as both my children,(one son and one daughter) are grownups and they need this rationcard for ID purposes........Due to inability in getting a ration card, and seriously in need of an address proof, we took a gas connection in the name of my daughter( already we have one LPG connection in the name of my husband) Last year in August, when we applied for a new ration card, we were advised by the officials there to apply seperately,(one in my husband's name and one in my daughter's) and we did so. This time also till date we have not got our ration card or anyone came for a verification.

Now, on June 25th, I sent an email to the commissioner of cc dept and received a reply from him today. He says, I have to surrender one of my LPG connections, again apply for a new ration card in the name of my husband....I have to give an address proof for my present residence(rental) and then he will instruct the AC of our area to issue us a new card for our family..

I want an answer......Y they have not issued us a ration card all these years?
2) When we had no other alternative and we had taken a second connection in one of the family members name.for ID purposes......Y should we surrender the same? instead cannot the government issue two seperate cards for two families.....(one: a husband and wife) and the second( a brother and sister). Please get me the answers and I think I have the right to get this information from the authorties.

We need the ration card only for ID purposes.