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Thread: Airtel Cheated me

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    I think, TRAI entertains only generic type of complaints. DOT will be helpful. Best way is to serve a notice under Consumer Protection Act on the MD of Airtel claiming amount of dues plus compensation for mental agony, loss of business, interest, cost, deprivation of social and family contacts etc. Huge amount can be claimed. Filing complaint in consumer forum of your district is very easy. U may visit websites of consumer protection like,,, and file complaint yourself, if U do not want advocate,s help. There is Consumer Protection Council also in each district which is established by state govts for helping small consumers. U can use toll fee helpline of Ministry of Consumer Affairs-see doordarshan on tv [jago grahak jago ad]. U will definitely get money and huge compensation. Keep on trying.

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    Re: Airtel Cheated me

    Thanks to all to help me I want to know what is RTI application for trai and how to file it. Also I had send mail to appellate authority and cc to trai and let’s see what happen

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    Re: Airtel Cheated me

    In my opinion file a RTI application to the,CPIO, TRAI. I think application or mail to directly to the Appellate Authority may not count.Go to Click on down load, then type Sample Application Form in the search text. you will get the Form.
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    U can also visit my blog for filing appln under RTI for central govt info. Format and guidelines are available on it.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    Re: Airtel Cheated me

    In my opinion the best solution is by going to a consumer court under the Consumer Protection Act. Simultaneousely you can make a complaint to the DOT and TRAI who in turn will forward your request to the Director Legal & Regulatory Affairs of Airtel. After a resonable time again write to them asking about the status of your complaint under the RTI Act this will put a lot more of pressure on these departments and in turn may help in getting you thru with your problem.

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    Re: Airtel Cheated me

    Ramesh,would appreciate,if you can Post on this site,results of your efforts. Thanks.

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    Re: Airtel Cheated me

    I had sent a complaint to dot they told me that the entire process of complaint will take up to 2 months. I had send lots of mail to airtel appellate authority but it has not responded me nor he had reply to me. I had also send mail to trai from their also I didn’t get any reply. Now what shall I do shall I wait for two month for dot process or shall I file a complaint to consumer court. once again thanks to all member to help me
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    Re: Airtel Cheated me

    Ramesh, the best thing would be to go to a consumer court. The reply that you receive from DOT will be useful documentary evidence in the consumer court to strengthen your case.

    You can also write to DoT and TRAI seeking the status of your complaint under the RTI Act.

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