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Thread: RTI Act is really useful- It can do Miracles!

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    RTI Act is really useful- It can do Miracles!


    I am a member of a Co.op.Housing Soceity in Mumbai. majority members of our society decided to go for redevelopment of the existing buildings. But under influence of the Builder / Redeveloper contractor,the Managing Comittee of the Society misguided members and obtained certain undertakings on Rs.100/- Non-Judicial Stamp Papers. To do so, the Managing Comittee had promised and undertaken that this Indemnity bond will remain with the society only and in no case the same will be parted to any one, particularly, in no case the same will be given to the builder / redeveloper. Accordingly, in good faith all members executed such indemnity bond.

    The Society and the builder / redeveloper entered into an agreement and registered with The Sub. Registrar, Bandra, Mumbai. I came to knew from some of managing comittee members that, the builder has managed to enclose indemnitay bond executed by all members as an intergal part of redeverlopment contract. More ever, the redeveloper managed to get the thesame counter signed by the Secretery, the Chairman, treasurer and other two managing comittee members. Because of this, now non of the society members can file any kind of case against the redeveloper!!

    When I question the Secretery on the subject, he gave false reply ! I asked in writting the society to provide copy of redevelopment agreement signed and registered, but for more than two months, the society did not replied.

    I applied to the Sub.Registrar, Bandra, Mumbai and withing 4 daays, i received complete set of all 45 pages agreement registred there !

    Its seems like a mirecle, thanks to the R.T.I.
    I wish that, who so ever read this, should know the availibility of such Act now existing and can be used.

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    Thank You Bharat for sharing this. It will help many. Can you kindly upload the RTI Application you made at our Director segment, so that others too benefit from it.
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  3. Re: RTI Act is really useful- It can do Miracles!

    Yes! I agree that RTI act is very powerful. One of our letter was not being issued by CCS University, Meerut despite many reminders. We got it through an application under RTI act. We did not have to give any reminder for it. We sought many information from Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, Agra also through applications under RTI Act.
    Rakesh Kumar
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    Re: RTI Act is really useful- It can do Miracles!

    Yes, it can do miracles.
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  5. Re: RTI Act is really useful- It can do Miracles!

    Dear Mr. Gandhi,

    Thanks for sharing this. The redevelopment proposals in Mumbai are causing lot of such problems. Developers take advantage of the innocent members and the committee members betray their Society and for petty personal favors. These projects are becoming fertile ground for corruption and a way of making easy money for some dishonest politicians, government officers, Societyís committee members, etc. who have disregard towards law, judiciary and social values.

    Thanks for initiating the action against such corrupt practices.

    I think even if you have signed any document it can not become a blanket approval for the developer.

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    Re: RTI Act is really useful- It can do Miracles!

    Just for information sake any document i.e registered becomes public domain and a certified copy can be obtained even without applying a RTI

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    Re: RTI Act is really useful- It can do Miracles!

    indeed RTI is nothing less than a nuke bomb for currupt officers


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