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Thread: RTI for Income Tax Refund

  1. RTI for Income Tax Refund

    I recently read an article in TOI that a NRI used RTI to get back refund from Income Tax Department. I have been paying extra tax each year but I never got my refund from IT department. Can you please tell me how can I use RTI to get the status on my pending refunds?

  2. Yes you can get the status of the IT return filled by you and the consequent refund by filling RTI Application

  3. How to file a RTI application?

    I have decided to file a RTI application. Can someone please point me to useful information on what is the process to do that?

  4. the application is to be addressed to the CPIO/CAPIO in the Income tax department of your area, giving the following details:

    the date and acknowledgment no of the income tax return (copy of the return, if possible)
    relevant assessment year
    amount of the refund claimed

  5. RTI Application

    DO I need to fill some standard form? Or its just a normal application written on paper? How does its categoried as an RTI application? It will be of great help if someone can send some format.

  6. no standard format...just a plain paper would do..mentioning that information is needed u/s 6(1) of the RTI Act, your complete details where u can be contacted....also make sure that u pay the requisite fee (DD in favour of Accounts Officer of the public authority/cash of Rs.10/-) along with the application, lest your application is rejected on this ground!!

  7. Apart from what Aashna told, if you are looking for ready made form, You might also be interested in the form available here for download at


  8. How can i find the postal address of CPIO/CAPIO of income tax department of my area? I visited this site -> to find out same for PUNE but this page does not give any address.

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