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Thread: Will RTI help in eradication of corruption and poverty?

  1. Question Will RTI help in eradication of corruption and poverty?

    As I can see from the Act the principal aim of the act seems to motivate people and encouraging them to have information about the working of the system to see that it works efficiently.

    But it is said that poverty alleviation is also the aim of this act. I cannot forsee how that can be achieved?

    Any views?

  2. The Government has lot of poverty alleviation programme and on which huge amount are been spent.
    • Loans are being given,
    • subsidized food been distributed,
    • many work programme are in place,
    • banks are giving loans to people below poverty line
    In all such cases RTI will help in overseeing the way in which these amounts are spent to reach the real beneficiaries. If the deviation in this field are to be checked, offcourse voluntary organizations/NGO's should make the use of the RTI so that the amount allotted should really percolate to the real beneficiaries.

    Thus by using this technique, RTI will help in eradication of poverty in a big way.

  3. wow! That is real good explanation. I am sure now that if RTI is used properly it can really help advance our country.

  4. If you remember famous Rajiv Ghandhi Statement that out of every 1 Re only 7 paise reaches to actual user for development. RTI would be a great tool in improving the efficinecy of the poverty aliveation and development programme.
    In today's world knowledge is power, RTI will help in restoring power to people.

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    Re: Will RTI help in eradication of corruption and poverty?

    RTI is good solution of so many problems of our country. If there is one agency like post office to get the application of RTI and a good agency to monitor the timely providing the informations. The agency must punish some fellows and it will create good atmosphere for RTI.


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