Today was the right day when we officially launch the, a complete Right to Information Portal. But due to paucity of time we could not finalize it today.

However we have decided to do a pre-launch of the website on this day of 28th September 2006, as our website is almost complete in architecture and design and also is fully functional on this day.

We have also opened the site for all citizens, officers, NGO's, orgaization any anybody to join the portal for free and help us in the beta phase of development. In the course we have made state of the art and dynamic website having one user account login to participate in forums, discussions, News, commenting, Polls, News Articles, download, FAQ, Links and all other segments of the portal.

Kindly remember that during our beta testing we might close the new registration if there is a need. However we will let already registered members (Beta tester group) operate normally.

We will continously upgrade and build upon from your's and our's experiences in the time to come. If you want to give us suggestion and feedback feel free to post at Suggestion and feedback forum or directly write to us!

During this beta phase we encourage you to post at forums and make full use of the website but to remain patient and do not expect miracles if your port goes un-answered for some time. Once we have sufficient resourse persons on all topic areas we won't have a single idle day. But who knows you might have knowledge worthy of sharing. So do so!

I thank all of our Pre-Beta testers who cared to bring much needed initial life into RIT India. I hope they will continue doing the same.

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