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Poll: Isn't it desirable for publicly listed companies to comply with RTI?

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Thread: RTI in publicly listed companies

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    RTI for private firm possible?

    Hi there,
    I want to get the following information
    1. Is it possible to ask question under RTI for a private firm? For example I wana ask a private engineering college about an employee about the duration he served there, the post he held and the payment(salary) he received. Is this possible?
    2. Can I ask syndicate bank regarding the account details of a person (I wanna know how much actual salary is debited to his account)

    Hope some one will answer me.


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    Atul Patankar
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    Re: RTI for private firm possible?

    RTI is not applicable to private firms directly. Some of their information which is available with different public authorities can be asked for

    Information about staff member of private engg college may be available with relevant university, submitted to AICTE for fee determination etc. These authorities can give you this information.

    Syndicate or any other bank will not give you information about debits/ credits in someone else's account whether RTI is applicable to them or not.

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    Re: RTI in publicly listed companies

    thanks I really appreciate your answer
    have a nice day

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    Re: RTI in publicly listed companies

    (1). Unfortunately the RTI excluded the private companies/organisations.

    (2). In fact the private sector also to be covered under RTI by bringing in suitable ammendments to the act.

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    Re: RTI in publicly listed companies

    public money has different meaning

    When in govt---- people are supposed to pay taxes and these funds are utilized by govt towards goodwill of entire country ( and in some cases to profit the exchequer )

    public money ( share trading ) --- is not compulsory -- here people go to make there own profits / loss so public money in public companies can't be termed as public

  6. RTI for Private companies

    Dear Friends,

    Can one access informaton from MNC's that have their registered/ global offices in India?

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    Dr. S.Malhotra
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    Re: RTI for Private companies

    The limited Information which they are bound to supply to Registrar of Companies ,can be retrieved thru PIO , o/o Registrar of Companies .

  8. Re: RTI for Private companies

    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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